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Rooster, 1 year old.

May 22, 2023

Rooster, 1 year old. Big and beautiful. $20



Indian Blue Peacocks

May 25, 2023

2 year old Indian Blue Peacocks. 3 available. Call/Text. Thank you.



Lavender Orphington 8 months old laying

May 24, 2023

I have 12 hens and a rooster. All lavender Orphington’s. 8 months old all lang eggs will sell all 13 for $500 or will […]



Rhode Island Red Rooster

Very Large 18 month old rooster. Very healthy and easy to handle. Raised on my property since 3 days old. Trained to sleep in […]



Adorable baby ducks

May 15, 2023

We have 5 that are a month old. And we have 11 that are 4 days old, they are Muscovy mixed as far as […]



Black Australorp mix rooster

May 15, 2023

Around 4 months old



Black Australorp mix rooster

May 15, 2023

Around 5 months old



Black Australorp rooster

May 15, 2023

Around 10 months old



Egg layer chicks for sale

May 13, 2023

Have a variety of mixes consisting of Easter eggers, Brahma and orpingtons as well as Rhode Island reds. I also have a narangasett turkey […]



young Chickens

May 13, 2023

3 Month old



Silkie chicks hatching soon!

We have silkie chicks getting ready to hatch. There will be lots of fun color varieties to choose from. Straight run (unsexed) $8 each, […]



Turkey pairs

May 11, 2023

Have 3 pair of turkeys adult 3 boys 3 girls looking to sell as couples $150 for each cuple! Will not send codes don’t […]



Blue Indian Runner Ducklings

May 11, 2023

Blue Indian Runner Ducklings, straight run, born 5/6/2023. They are $10 each if you buy 10 or more or $12 each.


Pekin & Muscovy Ducks for Sale

May 8, 2023

We have Pekin & Muscovy adults ducks for sale.

IMG_1185 2


1-month-old Chicks

May 4, 2023

Juvenile Chicks. 1 month old, straight run chicks. Heavy egg layer breeds. $10 each if you get 20 or more or $15 each.

Rhea chicks for sale 1


Rhea chicks (baby rheas) (ñandú)-white

May 3, 2023

Rhea chicks for sale: Have some white baby rheas (chicks) for sale. $290 ea All babies are unsexed. I will not know if they […]


Roosters . I need them gone

May 3, 2023

lavender Orpington and the other rooster is a black copper marran need them gone



Variety of young hens

May 1, 2023

I have a variety of young hens available. Most are around 4 months old. White Star Leghorns, Black Sexlinks, Black Laced Red Wyandottes, Rhode […]



Chickens golden comet

Golden Comet Chickens Females. They Hatched 2/22/03 They Will Start Laying Eggs In June.25.00 Each.

rir chicks-6

Rhode Island Red Chicks For Sale

April 29, 2023

we have Rhode Island Red chicks for sale starting at $2.50 each unsexed.



free roosters

April 27, 2023

2 rhode island roosters one 2yrs one 4

Bantam Chicks


Japanese Bantam Chicks

April 23, 2023

PB Japanese Bantam Chicks. Fully feathered and able to fly. Black Bantam and Buff/Gold Bantam. PLEASE CALL AND LEAVE A MESSAGE. I’ll call you […]

brahma hens


Brahma Chicks (Unsexed)

April 23, 2023

Brahma chicks, straight run, hatched 4/12. Full light and light/dark mix. 24 available.



Rhode Island rooster

April 22, 2023

Beautiful 1year old rooster. Home raised. Will trade for a young Hen.



Quail eggs

April 20, 2023

Healthy free cage quail eggs for sale. They can be used to eat or hatch if wanted. They are unwashed to keep the embryos […]


Rhode Island Red Chicks For Sale

April 20, 2023

We have about 40 unsexed Rhode Island Red chicks for sale starting at $2.50 each. We will have Pekin, and Kaki Campbell ducklings a […]



Red stars, ayam cemani, Easter eggers

April 8, 2023

I have laying hens and another few others.$20 a piece

eggs in the nest

Farm Fresh Chicken & Duck Eggs

April 6, 2023

We have farm fresh eggs for sale that are harvested daily. Chicken eggs are $5.00 per dozen Ducks are $10.00 per dozen.


Farm Fresh Chicken & Duck Eggs for sale

April 6, 2023

We have farm fresh eggs for sale. Chicken eggs are $5.00 per dozen Duck eggs $10.00 per dozen.

pekin ducks.3jpg

Pekin & Khaki Campbell ducklings for Sale

April 6, 2023

We have Pekins and Khaki Campbell ducklings for sale starting at $5.00 each, with a minimum of 4 ducklings.

eggs, chicken

Fertilized RiR Chicken & Pekin Duck Eggs for sale

April 6, 2023

We have Fertilized Rhode Island red Chicken & Pekin Duck eggs for sale. RiR $ 8.00 per dozen Pekin Duck $10.00 per dozen



Hens for sale

April 5, 2023

Reducing my flock and I have a few hens available starting at $25



Farm Fresh chicken eggs

Free range farm eggs. By appointment Summerfield or Silver Spring Shores.



Sebastopol Geese Family

March 30, 2023

Family of 3 Sebastopol geese looking for a new home. Parents are 3yrs old, son is 1 yr old. Mom actively laying eggs. Must […]

muscovy ducklings 5jpg

Pekin & Muscovy Ducklings for Sale

March 28, 2023

We have about 50 pekin and Muscovy ducklings for sale starting at $7.00 each. We also have adult ducks for sale starting at $25.00 […]



Young farm raised hens

March 27, 2023

Free range young farm hens. Laying now. $20 Each

young healthy roosters

March 24, 2023

I have many young healthy roosters for free ,need to get rid of them, .Ask for mike phone calls only I will not respond […]



French Black Copper Marans – Chicks

March 23, 2023

BCM are a Rare breed of chicken with feathered legs that lay coffee colored eggs. ☺️ Day old’s BCM – straight run $15 each […]

Crested Olive Eggers


Chicks – Olive Eggers (BCM x Cream Legbar)

March 23, 2023

French black copper Marans x cream leg bar this is the combo that makes beautiful moss colored eggs $8- day olds straight run $20- […]

eggs in the nest

Fresh Chicken and Duck Eggs For Sale

March 23, 2023

We fresh chicken and duck eggs for sale. Chicken eggs are $5.00 per dozen duck eggs are $10.00 per dozen

Pekin & Muscovy, kaki Campbell Ducklings for Sale

March 23, 2023

We have 1-5 day old Pekin, Muscovy and Kaki Campbell ducklings for sale. The start at $7.00 each unsexed.

rir chicks-1

Rhode Island Red Chicks For Sale

March 20, 2023

We have day old Rhode Island Red straight run chicks for sale starting at $2.50 each.



Doves white for sale , Pheasants, etc..

March 19, 2023

Beautiful 5 doves for sell at $30 each. Also, healthy rheas trio $1,500, pair $1,000. Llama and miniature Donkey, both males, good nature, get […]



Ducks for Sale!

March 6, 2023

Flock of ducks for sale. 1 drake, 5 hens. Barnyard mix. Great egg layers, 5 eggs a day. Asking they all go together for […]



Young silkie rooster

March 6, 2023

4 month old silkie rooster up for grabs, is one that i grew out. Text/call for more info.



White Leghorn Pullets

February 27, 2023

White leghorn pullets. 8 weeks old. Fully feathered. Ready to go in outside coop 25 available. $15 each. They will lay appx 350 large […]



Male Muscovy Ducks

February 24, 2023

White, lavender and white or white and grey. 4 to choose from. What is shown in photos is what is available. $15/each.


Muscovy duck males (drakes)

February 24, 2023

4 muscovy male drake/ducks to choose from. One all white, one all white with a purple/lavender tail, two twin grey and white males. $15/per, […]



Emu chicks for sale

February 20, 2023

Have emu chicks starting to hatch keep them all for three weeks before letting them go I hatch a lot of all colors so […]



I have chicks and a rooster for sale!

February 19, 2023

I have 8 bantam cochin/silkie week old chicks, straight run. And i have the rooster which is the same breed/mature aged he is on […]



Emu Chicks for Sale

February 13, 2023

Emu chicks hatching weekly. $200 with dna gender or $150 unsexed. Also hatching eggs for sale $75 each. pickup only

R (1)


Melanistic Mutant Pheasants

February 13, 2023

Rare and beautiful Pheasants. Excellent pets or for breeding. Pick up only Males $75.00 One Male left Photo is of a male. Call Annette […]

sweet potatoe, truck 2

Fresh Sweet Potatoes

February 13, 2023

We have fresh sweet potatoes for sale by the case/ bushel


15 Rhode Island red Roosters For Sale

February 3, 2023

We have 15 adult Rhode Island Red roosters for sale.



Black Australorp Rooster

February 1, 2023

Around 6 months old



7 week old chickens

January 25, 2023

Barnyard mix chickens there’s a chance some are hens but they have large combs so they might all be roosters 7 for $50 Lots […]

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