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Brinsea incubator

July 1, 2022

Octagon Eco20. Manual turner but can add auto turner. Fan not working, can replace or use as a still air incubator. Thermometer included.



young Chickens

June 30, 2022

2 month old. Will be Brown, blue or green egg layers. Also speckled Sussex and Turken



Ducklings and Chicks for Sale

June 30, 2022

We have dozens of pekin ducklings and Rhode Island red Chicks hatching weekly and we are selling them all unsexed. $5.00 each and up […]

duck & chicken eggs 2

Fresh Chicken & Duck Eggs For Sale

June 30, 2022

We have fresh Chicken and Duck eggs for sale. Chicken eggs are $4.00 per dozen Ducks are $15.00 per dozen.

smallscale chicken farmer

Rhode Island red Roosters For Sale

June 30, 2022

We have about 20 Rhode Island Red Roosters for sale. We also have lavender orphington roosters for sale



Barred Rock Pullets

June 29, 2022

3 months old each



Coturnix quail hens

June 29, 2022

2 month old. Laying soon



Quail Tray x 4

June 28, 2022

Used Quail Egg Tray for Cabinet Incubator. Holds 124 eggs. KRC-124. Coturnix Bobwhite. 4 units



Chickens for Sale

June 21, 2022

If you give a lady a chicken coop, she’s going to want some chickens to go in it!! Before you know it, the coop […]


Rhode Island Red Chicks For Sale

June 21, 2022

We have day old Rhode Island Red chicks and Pekin and Muscovy ducklings for sale.

ducks 1-24-19-3

Muscovy and Pekin Ducks for Sale

June 21, 2022

We have ducks and ducklings for sale starting at $8.00 each. give us a call or text for best results.

pekin ducklings many

Pekin and Muscovy Ducklings For Sale

June 21, 2022

We have Pekins, Muscovy ducklings for sale.

Rhode Island Red Chiscks- 100

Rhode Island Red Chicks For Sale

June 21, 2022

We have Rhode Island Chicks, Pekins and Muscovy ducklings for sale.



Game chickens

June 20, 2022

Game chickens for sale duke pumpkin hulsey Dom crosses about 5 months old stags and hens For show or breeding only


Hens Pullets Roosters

June 19, 2022

IF ADD IS POSTED STILL HAVE 4 SALE 10 Hens road Island reds $26 each 5 Roosters $15 silkies ,cream leg bars 6 pullets […]



Ducks 6 male and females mixed

June 17, 2022

All mixed easter born incubator drakes and ducks all 6 together $100 will not separate group



Pekin Ducks

June 16, 2022

I have one month old pekin ducks We got a couple chicks for fresh eggs in the future and my kids wanted ducks also […]

ISO Jubilee Orpington

June 16, 2022

Looking for Jubilee Orpington hens and a roo.



Peacock for sale

June 13, 2022

1 year old Indian blue male peacock for sale $250



Chicken hens

June 12, 2022

Black star hens. Young hens. Laying nice Brown eggs


Ostrich Eggs & Pairs/Sheep and Goats for sale

June 11, 2022

We have available males and females healthy and well-fed live goats. We are selling at very moderate and competitive prices. We accept both bulk […]



Leghorns roosters

June 9, 2022

I have leghorns roosters, young only asking $2 each



emu,ostriches,rhea,chickens available

June 9, 2022

we sell from the farm very healthy chicks.we now have available very healthy cute emu chicks,we also have ostriches and rhea birds and we […]



Laying hens

June 8, 2022

Assorted purebred young hens



Guinea keets

June 6, 2022

Week old guinea keets. Great for bug, snake, rat, flea and tick control.

ancona 27

Fresh batch of Ancona ducklings

June 6, 2022

They are one week old and ready for new homes. Lots of patterns and colors to choose from. Priced by color for $11-15 each. […]



Lavender Orpingtons

June 4, 2022

1 – year old Rooster 2- baby chicks



Jersey Giant Pullets

Black Jersey Giant Pullets. 5-6 weeks



Pekin ducklings

June 4, 2022

Ready to go. Month old



Pekin ducks

June 2, 2022

Drakes $15


Free: 2 Khaki Cambell ducklings

May 31, 2022

2 Khaki Cambell ducklings, both hatched March 30th (so about 8 weeks old). I believe both are female. Both have leg issues, I believe […]

Rhea babies for sale


Rhea babies–pre-sale–Whites and grays–$200 and up

May 29, 2022

Baby rheas (chicks) pre-sale- whites and grays Place your order for white or gray baby rheas. The girls are laying and I have fertile […]

free young and healthy roosters

May 25, 2022

I have 3 young and healthy roosters,free to a good home ,call for more info,ask for mike-352-422-0472

drakes $15


Muscovy male drakes

May 24, 2022

born April 2021 3 available $15/each text for more information



Rhode Island Red Chicks For Sale

May 23, 2022

We have Chicks and ducklings for sale.



Bantam Roosters

May 23, 2022

We have several bantam chickens available, most are roosters. Backyard mixes, but crosses include silkie, Japanese, and Old English. Please text if interested. Roosters […]



Chickens 5 bucks

May 23, 2022

Chicken feed to high Chickens $5 each



10 chicks (rooster) 3 months

May 22, 2022

10 Chickens! (10rooster) (3months) Ocala 34472 only text 908 422 3442



Golden comet hens

May 20, 2022

$5 each



Eggs Farm Fresh

May 20, 2022

SW OCALA BY WEST PORT High School $3.50 Doz eggs with a carton $4 if no carton



Chicks Pure Breeds

May 20, 2022

Black Copper Marans Jersery Giant Silkies ,frizzle PRICES know Roos $3 Straight run breeds $5 PULLETS $11 Blk stars pullets Easter eggers Wesummers



Japanese Bantam Pullets

May 12, 2022

Japanese Bantam Pullets. 3 months old. Black Tailed Buff and Black Japanese. Pullets/Hens and Roosters. They should be laying eggs in about 3 months, […]



Roosters for Sale

May 11, 2022

Roosters and Roosters only pay attention people Roosters.



Chocolate Orphington chicks

adorable Chocolate orphington chicks 1 mth old

looking for hens

May 5, 2022

willing to pay $10. to $15 per chicken depending on age and condition



Golden sex link pullets

April 25, 2022

Golden sex link about a week old. Asking $2 each. This are all pullets guaranteed. Located in Micanopy. Asking $2 each

Two Roosters

April 25, 2022

Will trade both for one hen or free..need them gone. Large multi colored roosters.

Rhode Island Red

April 21, 2022

Beautiful Large Rhode Island Rooster for sale



Young Silkie Roos

April 19, 2022

I have a few silkie roos that need new homes. 2 are cuckoo, and 1 is black. They were born November 2021 and are […]



Jersey Giant Chicks

April 18, 2022

Baby Chicks 3 weeks old. $10 each



Emu chicks and eggs available

April 18, 2022

Emu chicks and eggs available. 2weeks old chicks, all in good health. Blonde, white and standard colour. They comes with care notice. These birds […]

Looking for laying hens

April 4, 2022

Hi I’m looking for 10 to 15 laying hens can be barred rocks Rhode Island Reds legghorns. If you’re looking to re-home them I […]

chocolate chickss


Chocolate Orphington chicks

Chocolate Orphington chicks have hatched .. beautiful birds



Bantam Roosters

March 27, 2022

I have about twelve bantam roosters for sale. 10-15$ each One standard size rooster for 20$ Very pretty birds Text please



Bb Red Old English Game Chickens 🐔

March 24, 2022

🐔 BB Red old English game chicks for sale , hatching daily . Beautiful pure bred line. $ 10 each , or $75.00 for […]


Rhode Island Red

March 22, 2022


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