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Quality French Black Copper Marans

3 hours ago

High quality French Black Copper Marans chicks. These ARE NOT hatchery quality. Straight run only. Must pick up in Ocala. No shipping. Came from […]



Beautiful ducks

February 13, 2024

Two beautiful Saxony ducks looking for a new home. They will need to go together.



Black copper maran and silkie chicks available

February 7, 2024

Our black copper marans are a great heritage breed to add to a flock. They lay very pretty dark chocolate eggs. We have a […]



Emu chicks

February 6, 2024

Warbirds Farm has Emu chicks ready to go home with you. We have all 3 colors. White Blonde Standard


Emus – 1 year olds

January 30, 2024

Not inbred, not incubated, none aggressive. some are shy (until you earn their trust) all friendly and will quite happily eat greens from you […]

Rhode Island red rooster

Rhode Island red Roosters For Sale

January 30, 2024

We have Rhode island Rosters and laying hens starting at $20.00 each.


Pekin & Muscovy Ducks for Sale

January 30, 2024

We have Pekin & Muscovy adults ducks for sale.

Rhode Island red rooster

Rhode Island red Roosters For Sale

January 30, 2024

We have 15 Rhode island roosters for sale and older laying hens starting at $20..00 each.



Bresse Chicks, hens, roosters, hatching eggs

January 29, 2024

Bresse Roosters, Bresse Chicks available and laying hens. Chicks hatching weekly. Trio of ABC (American Bresse Chickens) is $150, (2 hens 1 rooster) or […]

FREE Peacock

January 24, 2024

Female. 7 mo old. FREE. My birds are in an enclosed aviary. YOU COME TO GET HER. YOU CATCH. YOU TAKE HOME. Bring your […]



Mille De Fleur d’Uccle Roosters

January 12, 2024

Very small, beautiful bantams with feathered feet. Great pets



English Buff Orpington chicks

January 10, 2024

English Buff Orpington .From North Carolina, large and beautiful breed. Eggs 10+ $60 . Chicks available $20 each (unsexed). Ocala 34472 only text



Rhode Island Red Layers

January 5, 2024

Purebred, 6 month old layers. They are still laying, and will continue to lay throughout winter with a light in the chicken coop.

Roosters - Ameracana for sale


Ameracana Roosters

January 3, 2024

2 Ameracana roosters for sale. Hatched March 2023. $10 each Call and leave message – 352.669.6573



Black australorp mix rooster

January 2, 2024

Around six months old



Black autralorp mix rooster

January 2, 2024

Around 6 months old

Rir Rooster

Rhode Island red Roosters For Sale

December 29, 2023

We have over 20 RiR Roosters for sale.



Ducks, muscovy and pekin

December 17, 2023

Muscovy pekins. They look pekin and sound scovy



chicks 1.00

December 15, 2023

Rhode Island Red chicks $1 each, call Anthony at 863-521-8803 thank you.


Rhode Island red Roosters For Sale

November 30, 2023

We have over 25 young adult Rhode Island Red Roosters for Sale. The starting price is $25.00 each. Thanks



Black Copper Marans young hens

November 29, 2023

French black copper Marans, beautiful feathered legs $30 23+ week laying any day 352-388-1326. Google voice SW Ocala

roosters for free

November 28, 2023

I have 3 full grown but young roosters for free to a good home call [no emails or text] for more info ask for […]

musvoy ducks 2

Pekin & Muscovy Ducks for Sale

November 28, 2023

We have pekin and Muscovy ducks for sale stating at $25.00 each.

Rehome duck


4th of July ducks

November 26, 2023

A mix of muscovy and pekin. Very sweet ducks and drakes



Indian Ringneck

November 21, 2023

I have a 5-6 year old female Indian Ringneck I’m looking to rehome. I don’t have as much time to spend with her and […]



nice chicken coop WALK -IN hen houses and aviaries

November 7, 2023

Portable PT constructed durable long lasting nice chicken coops and aviaries. Easily transported in truck or trailer , delivery may be possible Spacious, multi […]


Free Americana Rooster

November 7, 2023

Free Americana Rooster. He’s a good young rooster and not aggressive at all but I just don’t want a rooster. I have 7 chickens […]



Brahma Roosters For Sale $20

November 6, 2023

Young adult Brahma roosters for sale $20 each.



Silkie Rooster

November 5, 2023

This is my second rooster, due to only able to have one rooster I have to sadly let this one go. He loves to […]



Large Rooster/3 hens

November 5, 2023

Black/white Roo young and ready to work. 3 hens also. Email for pics



Six Laying Hens

October 30, 2023

Six adult hens. REds, Naked neck Black, assorted adult hens laying brown eggs. One adult rooster


Young Heritage turkeys

October 13, 2023

I have 4 heritage young turkeys there 6 months old in like 2 weeks they will be 7 months old $100.00 each. If interested […]

10 month old laying hens

October 12, 2023

New layer hens 10 months old brown eggs make offer bring cage



Rhode Island Red Pullets

October 4, 2023

Very healthy, raised on my property since chicks. 20.00 each. They are 18 weeks old, will start laying between 18 to 20 weeks. No […]

3 females 2 males

September 25, 2023

1 white male 1 white female chicken. 2 salt and pepper females 1 salt and pepper male chicken. Also chicken hutch. Need gone before […]

Peacock for sale


Peacocks- Purple Spaldings- One Year Old

September 19, 2023

Peacocks for sale : Have two young Purple Spalding Black Shoulder peacocks for sale. They are one year old, born last season. $250.- ea […]


Five female ducks

September 13, 2023

Rehoming 5 female young ducks. All were born in beginning of June. Invoice from Metzer Farms attached to show breeds, etc.


Serama pair, roosters and eggs

September 7, 2023

2 x black Serama roosters that are 7 months old. Asking $25 each 1 Serama pair, 7 months old $75 each pair 1 dozen […]

Hens &Amp; Pullets

September 2, 2023

# 45 PULLETS 18 TO 24 WEEKS 2 Dozen Laying Hens $25 Easter eggers ROO lavender $10 Turken frilzzel blk white ROO 3 EASTER […]



Large breed roosters

August 13, 2023

6 Large breed roosters. Mostly RIR. Around 6 months old. $10 each. Located in Ocala. Discount for all