Buy & Sell Smart

Comprehensive 2024 Guide to Secure Online Buying and Selling

In today’s digital era, the convenience of online shopping has become a main part of our lives. However, this ease also brings with it […]

5 Most Important Things when Buying a Car for Your Teen

As a parent, there are many ‘firsts’ you look forward to in your child’s life. First word. First steps. First day of school. First […]

Save Money by Insulating Your Home

When you install good quality insulation for your home, you can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. Insulation can be applied around doors […]

Is Your Child’s Crib Safe?

When thinking about crib safety, the focus is to prevent accidents and SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, for your baby. Being alert to […]

Classy Camping: What to Know When Buying a Used RV

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What Mechanics Watch For When Buying a Used Car

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Four Ways to Sell More!

In times like these, you can’t afford not to advertise. But in times like these, you can’t afford to waste a single advertising dollar. […]

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Knowing which air conditioner to buy for a room requires some knowledge as to the size and use of the room. The size of […]

Safe Online Selling & Buying

Every day we hear reports of people successfully selling stuff on our websites. But occasionally we also hear about scammers who surf the classifieds […]

How to Use a Generator

Generator Buyer’s Guide + How to Use a Generator (Safely!)

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Choosing a BBQ Grill

How to Choose the Right BBQ Grill for Labor Day

Nothing compares to cooking on an open flame. Whether you’re roasting mouth-watering vegetables or grilling juicy steak kabobs, the barbecue is perfect for sealing […]

Taking Photos That Sell: Composition

Whether you are taking a picture of your item for sale with a pro-grade camera or your smart phone, you can use a well […]