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It’s Pascua Florida Day!

Happy Pascua Florida Day! That’s right. April 3 is Florida’s state holiday, commemorating the anniversary of the discovery of Florida in 1513 by Juan […]

Your Perfect Picnic Basket

As the weather gets warmer in the spring, but not so hot as it can be in the summer, we get the itch to […]

Stretch It Out!

The sun is shining…it’s time to get out and get fit! Let’s start with a mantra that is sure to motivate: “No matter how […]

Spring Fishing in Homosassa

It’s spring and the sun is out sending sparkles on the water and the fresh, lively breezes are calling you to go fishing! We […]

Spring Gardening Time!

Spring is almost here and it’s time to think about your garden! You’ve been cooped up all winter, and now all you want is […]

The Wearing of the Green

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and people all around the world are picking out their green clothing, preparing to dye their beer green, and […]

When Should I Replace my Water Heater?

Many cannot consider the modern home without the luxury of hot water. The lowly water heater is given little thought until the water runs […]

5 Things Kids Will Love in their Backyard

Forget about lengthy car trips to the next park, you can bring adventure right into your backyard these days with some fun ideas to […]

Valentine’s Day At Home – Food Fun

Staying in for Valentine’s Day can be the best thing going! All you need to do is set the mood, set the food, and […]

Staffing Services and How They Work

  With the economy falling on hard times in the last few years, many individuals have been pushed back into the job market after […]

Does Your Pet Get Enough Attention?

Deciding to buy or adopt a pet brings with it certain responsibilities, not unlike having a child. You should choose a pet that will […]

Well-Meant Casual Promises of the New Year

Hey! It’s New Year’s Day! First day of the new year, first day to make things better, first day to embark upon those well-meant […]

What NOT to Wear at an Interview

First impressions are important. The decision to hire an applicant can be made in the first few seconds of meeting you. You will be judged […]

The Complete Kitchen: Gadgets for Greatness

Do you have a foodie in your life and you want to find the perfect Holiday gift for them? Or maybe you love to […]

Ho Ho Holidays: Little Known Holiday Traditions

‘Tis the season for celebrating, and we’re pulling out our tinsel and plastic Santas. The lights adorn our houses, or in some cases, a […]

What “Clear Title” Means

Simply put, ‘clear title’ means that ownership of the property (movable and immovable) in question is free from any outstanding legal claims or procedures. […]

Holiday Pets: Pet Care When Visiting

Many pets, especially young puppies and kittens, seem to be at the center of any holiday disaster. Pulling down the decorations, marking presents under […]

5 Most Important Things when Buying a Car for Your Teen

As a parent, there are many ‘firsts’ you look forward to in your child’s life. First word. First steps. First day of school. First […]

4 Ways to Make Extra Money for the Holidays

Everyone feels the cash crunch at the end of the year. Just as in the lesson of the ant and the grasshopper, the winter […]

Save Money by Insulating Your Home

When you install good quality insulation for your home, you can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. Insulation can be applied around doors […]

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