Wanted (Automotive) - Ocala, FL (9)




In need of a Head for a Toyota Corolla 1999

September 14, 2019

Please could someone help me out I need my car fixed I have a lil cash. I need a Head for a 1999 Toyota […]


Want To Buy 2 Used Tires

September 12, 2019

Want to buy a matched set of 215 X 70 X 15″ decent used TIRES reasonably priced. Would also buy a Tire of similar […]

wanted aluminum 4+ horse or stock trailer

September 11, 2019

Must be in good, useable condition, under $15,000. First consideration will be given to someone that will accept at least a partial trade – […]



Ford mustang convertible

Clean title I will have it detailed before sale. I’ve got 314 mile off a full tank of gas. Great car. Father passed away. […]



Tired of seeing that old car in your yard?

Hello I am looking to buy some cars, I can pick up, they don’t have to run. Text me pics of what you’re trying […]

argon or oxygen tank

retired body man restoring utility trailer needs used argon or oxygen tank for small project. must be under 10 years old so I can […]



Wanted a spare (donut) tire) for 2013 Hyundai

Need spare tire for 2013 Hyundai size T125/80D15 Wheel size 3.5 J 15


I am looking for a van

I am looking for a van if anyone has one that they are getting rid of and is reliable transportation please let me know […]

Wanted woods finish mower

April 21, 2019

Looking for a good woods pull behind finish mower 7.5 to 9 ft.