Find Your Next Pet in the Classifieds

The classifieds are a great place to find a pet. Many pet owners and breeders use the classifieds to let others know their dog, cat, fish bird, turtle or snake needs a new home.

Look for Adult Pets

You can skip the house breaking puppy phase by buying an adult dog. When adult pets are sold, it is often because the owners are moving and can’t take the pet with them. This usually means the pet will come with its own toys, cage, or tank, even food. Also, ask for their vet’s contact info, so your vet can get your pet’s health information.

As long as you are reading the classifieds, it’s a good time to look for additional pet accessories. Hamster cages, dog kennels, and cat trees can all be found in usable condition. Just be sure to thoroughly clean any used items before giving them to your pet.

Find a Reputable Breeder

When using the classifieds to find a pet, check that the breeder is running a good operation where the animals are in good health and not living in filthy conditions or being bred too often.

You should try to visit the seller personally, if possible, once you have made contact. You may then pick your pet from the available litter. The pets should look well-cared for, comfortable, happy and healthy. The seller should be able to confidently answer any questions you have about the pet and give you advice regarding care and feeding.

In the case of dogs and cats, the one or both parents will be on the premises. Bird eggs can be incubated, but look for a breeding pair to be present. Expect a health certificate to come with your new pet.

Watch Out for Scammers

Beware of any scams where you are asked for shipping address or asked to send money by wire transfer. If anything does not feel right, then end the conversation. Contact our HelpDesk if you find something suspicious.

Ease the Transition for a Happier Pet

Prepare the home of the pet in advance and buy the necessary feed, cage or accessories. Give the pet time to settle down for a few days and do not stress it out with too much attention and too many people crowding round.

Decide carefully about the pet you are going to add to your family based on the time, budget, space you have available and considering your lifestyle and the needs of your family. If you have little time then buy a hamster, fish, bird or similar pet that requires little care. A dog and cat need more interaction and grooming than other small animals. The pet should be safe around children, if you have any, though you should always supervise any play as young children can be unintentionally too rough with the pet.

Always follow the breeder’s instructions regarding feeding and other habits. If you notice that your pet is behaving in an unusual way or is not eating regularly then you should seek veterinary advice.