5 Things Kids Will Love in their Backyard

Forget about lengthy car trips to the next park, you can bring adventure right into your backyard these days with some fun ideas to keep the children occupied for hours on end.


How do you find cheap backyard toys for kids? Read on!

Trampolines are popular with kids because they love to jump up and down on anything. So save your bed and sofa. Buying a trampoline for your backyard will give the children hours of laughter, a good workout and leave a happy tired child at the end.For safety reasons, one child at a time should use the trampoline and somersaults should be attempted only by experienced bounders. Your trampoline should come with an encircling net that will prevent the bounders from falling off the trampoline.

Swing Sets

Swings and slides have always been a number one favorite with children. You could build a swing from a tire or you could buy one of many available swing sets available today which are relatively easy to mount. These sets come with several swings mounted on timber and have a slide attached. You can mix and match several combinations to suit your tastes and the size of your yard.

Adult supervision is a good idea to prevent smaller children running in front of the swing in use. Secondly, Kids jump out of swings. Surround the swing area with a material that will ease landings, like sand, pea gravel, bark or recycled rubber. Place a weed barrier down before filling your surface material.


Sandboxes are great fun for children of all ages. Keep them occupied for hours as they build structures made of sand or dig tunnels deep into a sand hill. The cost it low, and you get double use out of their toys.

For safety and hygiene, keep your pets away from the sand pit. The sandbox needs good drainage so it can dry out, and you should use only high quality pure sand. Rake the sandpit regularly, keep it covered when not in use and supervise children so no sand gets eaten!

Inflatable Pool

On hot days and if you live far from the beach, hours of wet fun are possible by installing an inflatable above ground pool in your backyard. Use a slide for added fun or play with special water toys (such as water basketball) for fun family games.

Always cover the pool when not in use to prevent a child drowning. Always supervise children at play in a pool to prevent accidents. Make sure any installation such as drains or pumps are properly covered so no hands can get stuck.


You can build a playhouse for the children out of timber if you are good at woodwork, or you can buy a plastic one that you assemble yourself. Children love imaginative play. A small structure can be a castle, a clubhouse, or home just like mother’s. Their playhouse will keep them busy day after day. Make sure that:

  • Fingers and heads cannot get trapped in railings.
  • The structure is safe.
  • There are no sharp edges that a child can fall on.

Snakes and insects cannot get in. If this is an issue, raise the house off the ground.