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Cats & Kittensrss post

Free kittins to good home! - There is 2girls and 2boys who needs a good home give text if interested! Price: Free. Call: 352-361-0368 or See More Details
Free DECLAWED cat to good home - Three - year - old male declawed and neutered cat. Will have some food and litter, free to a good home. Price: Free. Call: 706-442-2265 or See More Details
ARE YOU A CAT PERSON? - I am looking for loving homes for 3 kitties that were abandoned due to the owner moving out of town. These are loving affectionate cats. Call: 352-207-2078 or See More Details
FREE CAT - Free cat to a good home. Very friendly and sweet. Goes by the name of Nawla. Nuetered and had rabies shot. Price: Free. Call: 352-843-1229 or See More Details
Two loveable cats need home - Two loveable cats, both under 1yr, 1 male, 1 female, both Siamese mix. Cannot keep. Would like them to go together, but will separate. Call: 352-422-8413 or See More Details
Free cat - I have an 8 month old cat free to good home. Text me at 352-601-8823 located in lecanto Call: 352-601-8823 or See More Details
Cat Tree - Handmade - I built this cat tree using real 2x4's and 5/8" plywood. It is solid, sturdy, and well balanced. Price: $125. Call: 352-562-9338 or See More Details
Rescued kittens ready for new homes - Four baby kittens that were abandoned by mom at 3 weeks old are now ready for their furever homes. Call: 352-207-0691 or See More Details
Free cats - Lots of free feral, fixed felines, need 2 thin out family due 2 my health issues, skittish, but nice Great Barn cats!year old & older Price: Free. Call: 352-591-1574 or See More Details
Cat Condo 6 feet tall with 2 bags toys - The condo is in great shape and solid. It is 6 feet tall with 3 perches and a big tube to climb inside. Located in fort McCoy. Call 352-414-8063 Price: $60. Call: 352-414-8063 or See More Details
Free Kittins - Free kittens, to good homes. They will be ready for a new home in about 4 weeks from 4-18-16. Price: Free. Call: 352-438-9386 or See More Details
REWARD $500! Lost Cat! - Looking for my cat in the area centering around SW 90th St and SW 34th Ct of Shady. ANY Info, call April 8502765735 or email using the link below. Call: 850-276-5735 or See More Details
URGENT! Owner passed away PLEASE HELP - 4 loving cats free to good homes.3 fem.1 male. Desparatly needs 4ever homes. Hubby passed away & have 2 move & dont want them 2 go 2 shelter Pics avail Price: Free. Call: 954-632-2069 or See More Details
Wanting to adopt an adult cat - I am looking to adopt an adult cat for a companion. I am home alone 60 plus hours a week. and would love a lap cat. Needs to be an indoor cat. Call: 352-840-3512 or See More Details
Free Russian Blue Kitten - Free 8 week old Russian Blue male. ( 2) Also, have a grey and white. (1) Free to loving home. Price: Free. Call: 352-470-3374 or See More Details
Please help 4 Loving cats to good homes - 4 loving cats free to good homes.3 fem.1 male. Desparatly needs 4ever homes. Hubby passed away & have 2 move & dont want them 2 go 2 shelter Pics avai Price: Free. Call: 954-632-2069 or See More Details
Cat Scratch Post - Cat house scratch post $95, carriers $5 & up, Breeze cat litter system $15 Price: $95. Call: 352-875-9761 or See More Details
Loving cat needs loving home - 1year old male. He is fixed and up to date on shots. Leave a message at the number below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Price: Free. Call: 813-368-1350 or See More Details
Free Loving Cat - We are trying to find a forever home for one of our cats. He is very loving and always wants attention. He is fixed. Call: 813-368-1350 or See More Details
Adorable Rag Doll Kittens For Sale - These adorable babies are sure to make your heart melt! Pure bread, TICA registered, Seal mitted, Seal color points & Bicolor w/ health certificates. Price: $650. Call: 352-499-0189 or See More Details

Birdsrss post

Avian Rescue 501c3 and Forever Home - 501c3 rescue Looking to Adopt/ Rescue or take in any unwanted Parrots/ Macaws/ Cockatoos. Call: 954-336-8834 or See More Details
Cockatiel Bird Cage - Used cockatiel cage measures 19 x 14 x 20 inches brass coated wire frame structure. Easy style tray for cleaning. Price: $25. Call: 352-537-4292 or See More Details
Red Mosaic Canary - Stunning bird! Price: $150. Call: 352-566-6397 or See More Details
Gloster canaries - Young and beautiful Gloster canaries. Have corona and consort available. Call: 352-566-6793 or See More Details
Parrots for Sale - Parrots for Sale Price: $800. Call: 860-368-9276 or See More Details
Babys cockatiels for sale - Beautiful, healthy, hand feeding babys,30.00 and up if you interesting please call,352-304-8181 have a bless day Price: $30. Call: 352-304-8181 or See More Details
Cockatiels - I am looking for nice adult cockatiels if u have any to sell in a resanoble price plz text 3523010471 Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-301-0471 or See More Details
10 Tipplers for Sale! - A Perfect kit of ten, 2016 young Tipplers. Colors are three red grizzles 0ne print, Red checker, dun, black and three blue grizzles. Price: $150. Call: 352-414-6832 or See More Details
Diamond dove - Baby diamond doves 4 @ 10 ea. Price: $10. Call: 352-726-8446 or See More Details
Baby Sun Conures - Currently handfeeding these baby suns, they are 6 weeks and eating x3 daily Price: $275. Call: 813-716-3259 or See More Details
Single parrots - I have the following breeder birds available. X1 male Hahn macaw 600 X1 male bared eyed cockatoo 600 X1 male blue and gold 675 X1 male goffin cocka Price: $650. Call: 813-716-3259 or See More Details
Quakers - Pair of proven quakers female is blue and male is green split to yellow both are surgically sexed tattooed cage and nest box included Price: $600. Call: 813-716-3259 or See More Details
Green Ringneck Parrot - Parrot is green, Young, doesn't have full colors yet, Is 2 yrs. old. talks. Likes my dogs. Likes people food. But I never hand tamed him. Price: $300. Call: 352-245-2957 or See More Details
Turkeys; Everything Must Go! - Breeders, Young Birds, Poults Heritage breeds, Going out of Business! Call: 386-935-3818 or See More Details
Bird's - Cockatiels,20. ea. Parakeet,10. ea. Finches.5. ea. Bring Cage. Not Tame. Price: $20. Call: 352-694-1547 or See More Details
Bird cage 4 sale - Large quality bird cage with stand. suitable for cockatiels, small parrots, finches etc. Price: $75 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-563-6082 or See More Details
Elliot Pheasants For Sale - 1 year old elliot pheasants for sale. I have a total of 7 for sale - 2 males and 5 females. Selling as a trio (150) and a quad (200) Call: 352-750-6561 or See More Details
Brand new bird cages - Have some brand new bird cages, ideal for finches, parakeets, singing canaries, hamsters, mice, you name it. They are only $20.00 each. Call: 352-566-6397 or See More Details
Large Bird cage - Large Parrot Bird cage in excellent condition 100 dollars Call John 352-391-2565 or Lisa 352-391-2424 Price: $100. Call: 352-391-7097 or See More Details
For sale. Baby lovebirds - Handfed baby peachfaced lovebirds. One feeding a day. Very sweet! Eating seed n millet. Also have 2 adult DNA'd male lutino peachface. Price: $40. Call: 386-288-7328 or See More Details
Lady Gouldian finches & canaries - Lady gouldians male and females Red factor canaries singing $65 females $50 Price: $50 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-454-1548 or See More Details
Gloster canaries - Gorgeous birds, true to the Standard, in good feather, and excelente health. Price: $100. Call: 352-566-6397 or See More Details
Large Parrot Macaw Cage and supplies - 36" x 30" x 67" (like new) Also selling new cage 24' x 17" x 24" 1 parrot stand - toys, rope, perches and misc. Price: $250. Call: 352-237-7655 or See More Details
Bird cage - Bird cage on wheels 5 feet high 2 and half feet wide 3 feet long Price: $250. Call: 352-598-7087 or See More Details
Blue front Amazon for sale - Bird belonged to my parents. Cage included. Name is Sinbad. Price: $800. Call: 352-817-8329 or See More Details
Play stand - Large Table top play stand for parrots. Made of Java wood in good condition. Call or text 352-789-8752 $90 Price: $90. Call: 352-789-8752 or See More Details
Large Bird Cage - Large epoxy green bird cage. Very good condition. Used for two cockatiels. Paid $320.00 in 2012. Price: $40. Call: 352-633-1448 or See More Details
Parrot Breeder Nest Box - Metal nest box for medium size parrots. Measurements,18width,24Ht,12 Price: $60. Call: 352-870-8125 or See More Details
Canary - Stackable Canary Cages - 15" H x 26" W x 11" D with divider to separate birds and tray to catch seed/ droppings. Price: $30 per cage. (2 cages shown. Call: 352-304-6748 or See More Details
Parrot Cage - Inside dimensions: 35" H x 24" W x 20" D, with stand is 57"H. Comes with both Dome Top and "Play Pen" tops. Price: $130. Call: 352-304-6748 or See More Details
Small Parrot Cage - Inside dimensions: 28" H x 24" W x 16" D, Great for a smaller parrot or several smaller birds such as Love Birds or Cockatiels. Price: $40. Call: 352-304-6748 or See More Details
Small Round Parrot Cage - Inside dimensions: 25" High, 16" Diameter, Great for a small parrot or several smaller birds such as Love Birds. Price: $40. Call: 352-304-6748 or See More Details
BEAUTIFUL HANDFED SUN CONURE - Raised with love as a companion pet in a retirement facility, this stunner will have his 2nd birthday in May. Super smart. Starting to talk. Price: $650. Call: 352-775-8227 or See More Details

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Birds cont.

2 parrot cages excellent condition - Small parrot cage 140.00. Medium parrot cage 175.00. Both great condition with cups and toys. your special bird will love these cages. Price: $315. Call: 352-207-2905 or See More Details
REDUCED! Bird Cage - Pretty Pink birdcage. 8 1/4" width x 10 1/2" deep inside Located in Citrus Springs near Dunnellon Price: $7. Call: 352-897-4218 or See More Details
2 Birdcages (Small Parrot) ONE PRICE - Price is for BOTH cages. Price: $90. Call: 706-308-5900 or See More Details
Indain Fantail Pidgeon breeding pair - Males are all white, females are chocolate. Price: $60. Call: 352-460-2260 or See More Details

Fishrss post

90 gallon saltwater fish tank - Complete system, up and running fish tank! Price: $950. Call: 352-671-1104 or See More Details
Aquarium Accesories ( skimmer, sump, background ) - I have a 3d back ground fiberglass 72x32 and old skimmer and a sump tank which has a crack in it above the water line but is repairable Price: $250 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-201-9515 or See More Details
55 gallon fresh tank and stand - For sale 55 gallon fresh water fish tank and stand, light hood one filter and all decorations. the stand is 23" tall 17" wide and 50"long. Cash only Price: $200. Call: 407-908-4333 or See More Details
Beautiful Koi Fish for Sale - Beautiful 12"24+ Koi fish for sale in St. Cloud, Fl. Please contact 407-443-0761 Call: 407-922-0910 or See More Details
Tower fans - Aquarium - Water fiter station - Lasko tower fans $5 each. Small aquarium $10. Filtrete water station $5. Call: 352-875-9761 or See More Details
90 Gallon Established Saltwater Reef Aquarium - Furniture grade custom cabinet. Reef Brite LED and moon lights, timers, UV Sterilizer, Octopus skimmer, Pinpoint PH Monitor, auto top off, etc. Price: $1800. Call: 352-789-0864 or See More Details
Fishtank - 10 gallon fish tank, background picture. Price: $25. Call: 352-207-3746 or See More Details
55 gal tank - Some scratches. Used no stand just tank. Need gone. Price: $35. Call: 352-497-7957 or See More Details
Fish tank & Home Made Stand - 29gal & 20gal long tank both w/hoods (hoods not shown in picture) Price Inc. Both Tanks, 2 hoods, 2 Filters, 1 heater, 1 Home made stand. Price: $175. Call: 352-817-1495 or See More Details
75 gallon tank with Metal stand - Glass tops. Used for fresh water only. 7 available. $125.00 each for tank, glass tops and stand. Very good condition. Price: $125. Call: 352-748-6011 or See More Details
37 Gallon Fish Tank and Deluxe Pine Cabinet - This tank and stand sold for more than three times this amount. It is in great shape. 30" x 54" Tall. Complete with filter and extras! Price: $100. Call: 353-472-4054 or See More Details
Fancy Tail Guppies - Male and Female - 50+ male and female guppies of all ages. I need to get rid of most of them, since the tanks are too small. Call after 6 PM on weekdays PLEASE. Price: $5. Call: 352-622-8426 or See More Details
Fish tank and stand - Fish tank and stand with filters, 40 gallon. call or text only, 3528752122 Price: $60. Call: 352-875-2122 or See More Details
55 Gallon Hex Aquarium - 55 Gallon Tank, Wood Stand, Glass Cover and Light Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-598-0265 or See More Details
Koi fish - Koi fish range from 3 to 5 inches and they are 2 dollars a piece Price: $2. Call: 352-239-8273 or See More Details
36 Gal Bow Front Tank - 36 Gal Bow Front Tank. Includes stand, gravel, heater, filter, hood/ light, background and air pump. No leaks. Price: $175. Call: 352-347-8478 or See More Details
Free African Cichlids - I have 4 African Cichlids that I'm trying to rehome. I sadly don't have the time to maintain my aquarium anymore. Call: 352-426-7818 or See More Details
For Sale 90 Gallon Aquarium - 90 gallon aquarium, can be used for salt or fresh water. has excellent filter system. Includes Marineland LED light for coral growth. Price: $600. Call: 352-390-8068 or See More Details
6 Ft long 85 Gallon Aquarium - Fish tank is 6'L x 21H x13D Needs cleaning, no leaks no other supplies. It does have a homemade stand, the stand is $23. Email if interested. Firm Price: $85. Call: 352-390-8721 or See More Details
Stunning 90 Gallon Saltwater Reef Tank - 90 Gallon Tank, tons of rock, lots of well established thriving coral, Several types of anemones, many fish, all food and equipment included. Price: $1900. Call: 352-245-1243 or See More Details

Reptilesrss post

RUSSIAN TORTOISE W/ ZOO MED HOUSE - - 2 years old, healthy and loves to eat. Comes with her housing, heat lamps, UVA and UVB lights and water dish. Her name is Gypsy Price: $115. Call: 352-572-6709 or See More Details
Black throat monitor - 1 yr old black throat monitor about 30 inches long, normal temperament, sometimes wants to be left alone other times is snuggle buddy. Price: $250 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-207-0860 or See More Details
4ft Neodesha reptile enclosure - 4 ft. Neodesha with thermostat in good shape its a little discolored but its a few years old. I'm open to offers. Price: $100. Call: 352-566-2633 or See More Details
2 Dumeril's Boas for sale Homosassa Area - 2 Dumeril's Boas for sale, together or separately. Both come with enclosures. Good eaters. I had them since babies. Not sexed. see more details Price: $400. Call: 352-628-5081 or See More Details
Young Female Fancy Bearded Dragon and Habitat - Everything included and ready to go. Tank is 36x18x18.5 with real wood background and front opening doors for easy access. All accessories listed Price: $300. Call: 352-286-9149 or See More Details
Two female Leopard Geckos, cage, heat lamp - My son is selling his two healthy adult Leopard Geckos (both are females) We're also including the glass tank, heat lamp, and supplies for the tank. Price: $110. Call: 352-373-6907 or See More Details
Male Snake with complete set up - Young male ball python, comes with aquarium and complete set up and feeder mice if left asking $150.00 must come get or an extra $10/15 gas charges Price: $150. Call: 352-274-8862 or See More Details
Chameleon cage - 32x18 cage has drip system included basic light fixture plants vines Price: $80. Call: 352-229-0071 or See More Details
Baby Blue Iguana - Gorgeous baby blue iguana. In great health and condition. Solid blue belly. About 2 feet long nose to tail. Price: $125. Call: 352-396-2081 or See More Details

Rabbits, Mice, Morerss post

Lionhead rabbits - Proven 1buck and 3 does. If you want to start raising & breeding your own rabbits this is a great business opportunity for you! Price: $100. Call: 813-838-4181 or See More Details
Baby guinea pigs for sale - Two baby guinea pigs 1 boy and 1 girl they are about a month old very cute they are brown and white asking 15.00 each please call or text 352454810 Price: $15. Call: 352-454-8910 or See More Details
Mini Rex Bunnies - Cute and cuddly and ready for their new home after May 10th. Pedigree available. Discount price for 4H and FFA children. More pics under details. Price: $25. Call: 352-427-7291 or See More Details
MINI REX - Top quality mini rex available. Beautiful rabbits to good home only. 15-50 dollars. Prefer emails. Call: 352-566-6197 or See More Details
Young Rabbits - California/ New Zealand Rabbits for sale. They were born in middle of March. Ready to go ! Price: $15. Call: 352-361-9654 or See More Details
Angora father, Angora mix mom cute mixed Bunnies - Our rabbits are cross bred for docile pets and they have this soft and fluffy coat. Price: $10. Call: 352-446-4982 or See More Details
Rabbits - Overstock of mini Rex rabbits. Your gain. Price: $5. Call: 352-470-1851 or See More Details
Guinea pigs for sale - 2 female guinea pigs for sale. Most go togther. About 2 years old. Comes with everything but food. Not for breeding. Price: $90. Call: 407-967-2921 or See More Details
Feeder rats live and frozen - Feeder rats all sizes, some frozen mostly live. $1.00 each text for more information Price: $1. Call: 352-266-7692 or See More Details
Brand new Rabbit Hutch - Well made, with brand new materials, designed for optimum performance, and with the comfort of your loved pet in mind, perfect for outdoor use. Local Ocala Call: 352-566-6397 or See More Details
Rats for sale - All rats fed top of the line food. All sizes available. from pups to X large. Contact Jennifer for pricing @ 352-207-8067 located in Ft. McCoy Call: 352-207-8067 or See More Details
Meat Rabbits - Only two bucks left. One light gray one black with silver fur tips. Lots of personality. Call 352-546-5208 Price: $15. Call: 352-546-5208 or See More Details
Trio of netherland dwarfs - I have a trio of netherland dwarfs for sale. two does and one buck. asking $30 for the three or $15 each Price: $30. Call: 352-476-4669 or See More Details
Mini lops and a lionhead - I have 4 mini lops needing new homes. All bucks asking $20 each. One lionhead buck asking $30 Price: $20. Call: 352-476-4669 or See More Details
Lion head Rabbit - Beautiful rabbit needs a good home. This rabbit is a FFA show rabbit, one second place in the fair. Price: $30. Call: 352-239-3956 or See More Details
Sugar Glider - 2 year old female sugar glider with cage and everything. I have to move in a week and do not have any place for her need a loving home. $100 Price: $100. Call: 352-300-7476 or See More Details
8 Baby Guinea Pigs for sale! - We have 8 babies ready to go. They are 4 weeks old. 4 boys and 4 girls. Read more details for descriptions and prices. Calls only! No emails! Call: 352-693-0653 or See More Details
RABBIT CAGE 24"W,24"D,16"H/ in CAsing off ground - RABBIT CAGE 24W, 24D, 16"H in Wood Casing, with metal plate catch dropping. Has FEEDER and WATER BOTTLE. Can be used for other ANIMALS, too. $35 a Price: $35. Call: 352-361-1829 or See More Details
Nice clean small critter cage - This crate would be ideal for a rabbit or other small animal. It is wood with strong mesh sides. Includes nesting box shown! Price: $20. Call: 352-812-6427 or See More Details

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Rabbits, Mice, More cont.

Dutch male dwarf - I have a male dutch dwarf for $15. Very friendly. Please read for more information. Price: $15. Call: 352-573-9890 or See More Details
4H FFA MINI REX RABBITS - Beautiful healthy rabbits available to good homes only. Rabbits are pedigreed . Call: 352-216-1281 or See More Details
E101 - Two female Guinea Pigs with XL small animal cage. Everything in pictures is included in sale. Asking 60.00 OBO. Please text 352-817-6493 if int. Price: $6 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-817-6493 or See More Details
Lion head bunnies - Cute little lionheads. Newly weaned. 352-546-5208 Price: $15. Call: 352-546-5208 or See More Details
Mini Rex Babies and Adults - I have two mini rex babies available and several adults, all pedigreed and sweet rabbits, some show quality as well Price: $30. Call: 352-239-8698 or See More Details
FREE Lionhead bunnies need good home - Lionhead bunnies need good home. Brown one is a male and the black and white one is female. Contact me at (352) 438-9123 if you are interested. Price: Free. Call: 352-438-9123 or See More Details
Free rabbit - Have a brown female rabbit for free, doesnt include cage. Price: Free. Call: 352-277-7935 or See More Details
4H/ FFA/ Show rabbits - MINI REX for sale. Beautiful rabbits with pedigrees from top show lines. Loving homes only for these tame babies. 25-50 dollars Call: 352-216-1281 or See More Details
Nice rabbit cage for sale. $25. - Dimensions are approx. 30 x 18 x 16, suitable for small to medium size bunny. It is in good shape with only minor surface rust on one end. 877-9982. Call: 352-877-9982 or See More Details
Farret - I have an adult farret comes with cage watter bottle hammock litter pan. Obo Price: $100. Call: 352-300-8112 or See More Details
Hairless Guinea Pig Colony (Skinny Pigs) - Breeder colony available: male skinny, female skinny, 2 gene carrier females (bred) $300 Price: $300. Call: 727-215-5200 or See More Details
Now availble! Baby Guinea Pigs for sale! - We have 4 babies ready to go. Males and females! Make great starter pets for children. Please read more details and prices! Call: 352-693-0653 or See More Details
Bunnies For Sale - 2 female white with red eyes (albino) 1 male brown/ gray, 1 female black with one white paw. Please text if interested. Price negotiable. Price: $25 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-857-1422 or See More Details
35" Critter Cage for Sale - 35" Critter Cage for a bunny or whatever animal will fit. Excellent shape. Price: $50. Call: 352-624-4082 or See More Details
MINI REX - MINI REX rabbits to good homes only. Mini rex make great pets, and can also be used for 4H, FFA, or show. Excellent quality rabbits from winning lines Call: 352-216-1281 or See More Details

Otherrss post

Be a DEER & Take me with you! - The BUCK stops here at Walt's Pawn! Take home this EXQUISITE 9-point Buck head for ONLY $149! Come see us today to make this awesome item yours! Price: $149. Walt's Pawn Call: 352-401-0077 or See More Details or View All ListingsClick for Website
Chickens For Sale. - Approximately 15 different chickens (For Eggs) for sale. See Details for more information. Call: 352-509-4535 or See More Details
Rehoming Sugar Glider - Standard grey, black and white sugar glider. Hand fed and very engaging adult needs a new home. Very curious and friendly. Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-555-1212 or See More Details
Two Rosehair Tarantulas - adult owned - One male, one female. Beautiful, healthy, well kept ! Photos on request, by serious buyers. Call: 352-236-7758 or See More Details
CHINCHILLAS - I have male and female chinchillas for sale. I just don't have time for them all. Price: $125. Call: 352-425-3896 or See More Details
Cozy lightweight Pet beds - Cozy lightweight Pet beds with covers in various sizes, colors and fabrics, provide comfort to your pets. Proceeds are donated to the pet rescues. Call: 352-949-0870 or See More Details
2 Pairs of Chinese Geese - 2 pairs of geese. One pair are 1 year old and the second pair are approximately 3 years old. Price: $50. Call: 352-455-0257 or See More Details
Ameraucana chicks for sale. - Straight run $3.00 each. My first flock of chicks, I can give my best guess at sex but as with online breeders it�s my best guess. DOB 4/1/16. Price: $3. Call: 352-239-0992 or See More Details

Suppliesrss post

NEW Andis Versa Camo Clipper Kit - NEW Andis Versa Camo Clipper kit, in box with all paperwork/ warranty, etc. Price: $35. Call: 352-759-2462 or See More Details
No Mess Pet Food Bowl 012015 - 2 Available - $4. each New - Never Used! - Pets weight keeps No Mess bowel in place when pet stands on brim. Made of durable plastic. Price: $4. Call: 352-347-8600 or See More Details
Chain link dog kennel - 10ftx20ft 6ft tall chain link dog kennel Price: $200. Call: 352-266-1633 or See More Details
TURTLE BOWL - This is a new turtle bowl. It is really nice. It has a palm tree and feeding area. Price: $5. Call: 352-816-2967 or See More Details
Pet Food & Water Bowl for Kennel Cage 020915 - Lixit Carrier Cage Crock 10 OZ Gray Made in the USA Price: $5. Call: 352-347-8600 or See More Details
Dog potty patch, pet cages & carriers - Doggie patch n the box for dogs less than 15 lbs $10, wire cages $25 & up, pet carriers small $5, large cat post house shape $100 Call: 352-875-9761 or See More Details
Petmate Giant Sky Kennel - Used Petmate Giant Sky Kennel (Grey) Price: $125 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-572-2968 or See More Details
MUCKERS by Clarks, waterproof duck shoes. NEW. - Women's. Fits size 9 med. but marked 8 1/2. They run big. Reddish brown leather with top zipper. Outsole is rubber. My mistake is your gain. Paid $79 Price: $40. Call: 352-690-7799 or See More Details
Portable Dog Houses - 4' x 8' portable dog boxes/ houses. Reservation required. Call: 352-603-5312 or See More Details
Petsafe wireless containment system (no collar) - Petsafe wireless pet containment system, I do not have a collar, just the transmitter and power cord. Price: $100. Call: 352-817-0926 or See More Details
Starter reptile aquarium for small reptiles - Custom made by reptile shop in Jacksonville. On stand measures 20" deep, 4 feet high and almost 3 feet wide. Tank alone is 17" deep, 17" tall and 34" Price: $50. Call: 352-817-8440 or See More Details
Ferret Nation Cage - Ferret Nation small animal cage. Very good cond, gently used. Great cage with plenty of room for any small animal. Cleans up easily. Very nice cage. Price: $165. Call: 352-304-8961 or See More Details
Chain collars - Chain collars Price: $3. Call: 352-445-5776 or See More Details
Superworms - 26.00 per 1000 home/ farm raised superworms. Shipping small additional fee or free delivery if close to my area or pick up. Price: $26. Call: 352-817-9191 or See More Details
Mealworms - 18.00 per 1,000 home/ farm raised mealworms. Price: $18. Call: 352-817-9191 or See More Details
MANURE, from Rabbits in 50lb feed bags - Rabbits were fed, Select Series PRO FORMULA PREMIUN FEED, selling manure $5 a bag. Selling in SW OCALA, and HOLDER FL. CAN deliver for a fee Price: $5. Call: 352-361-1829 or See More Details
Doggy Door insert - sliding Glass Door - No alterations necessary. Thermo, best on the market. Price: $165. Call: 352-789-6650 or See More Details
Animal Cages 36" 24" & 22" Long Ex. Cond. - All like new black wire foldup with tray 36"L24W27H $35, 24L18W19H (2 dr with divider) $25, 22"L13W16H (2dr with divider great for pups or training Call: 352-307-9462 or See More Details
Pet Ear and Nose Scissors 563C #031516 - Millers Forge Pet Ear & Nose Scissors 563C - New Scissors � Package has been opened. Price: $5. Call: 352-347-8600 or See More Details
8 Compartment Cage - Huge 8 compartment cage Price: $75. Call: 352-239-8698 or See More Details
Small Square Cage - Stands 38" high and 14" W x 14" D, Great for a smaller birds. Price: $20. Call: 352-304-6748 or See More Details
Small Parrot Cage - Inside dimensions: 22" H x 18" W x 14" D, Great for a smaller parrot or several small birds. Price: $30. Call: 352-304-6748 or See More Details
Small Critter Cage - Great for carrying smaller animals from place to place. Metal with plastic coating and bottom tray for droppings, 14" H x 18" W x 12" D. Price: $25. Call: 352-304-6748 or See More Details

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KENNEL WANTED - Dog kennel, chain link 10x 10 x 6. Good condition, no broken chain link. Can pay up to $100 can pick up Call: 352-342-9188 or See More Details
Wanted Leopard Geckos - We are looking to give a Leopard Geckos a good home. If you have an unwanted Leopard Gecko you would like to give to a good home Please contact me Price: Free. Call: 352-897-7074 or See More Details
In search of a ferret cage - I'm looking for a ferret home for our little girl ferret. Would like it to be a 2 level one, please. Does anyone have one they are not using? thanks Call: 352-351-0783 or See More Details
Quaker parrot Wanted - Looking to add a Quaker parrot younger will have a 5 month cocktail for a buddy. I, m willing to buy right Bird & Price a bird that has been handled Call: 352-208-4048 or See More Details

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THE WORKS Dog Grooming - $10 Sm dogs | $15 Med dogs | $20 Lg dogs |Trimming $5 extra. Includes: Bath, brush, teeth brushed, clean pads & ears, nails cut & anal gland expressed Price: $10. Call: 352-624-2224 or See More DetailsClick for Website

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