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Livestock Classifieds from Ocala, Florida's Internet Marketplace

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Cattlerss post

Beef Calves - M & M Cattle We have a large variety of calves on hand year round. You can contact us to see pictures of what we have in stock. Price: $650. M&M Cattle Call: 352-426-2843 or See More DetailsClick for Website
Mini Zebus - Want Them Really Tame & Friendly? - We Have Them! You can be assured of having gentle & friendly little cows on your farm also with our bottle raised cattle. All ages available. The Other Side Farm Call: 352-598-7118 or See More DetailsClick for Website
BRED COWS COW / CALF PAIRS BULLS CALVES YEARLINGS - We carry a large variety of cattle year round for sale. Our cattle are chosen to be horn free and gentle. Price: $450. . Call: 863-581-3108 or See More Details
ADCA Registered Dun Dexter yearling bull - Halter - broken, lead - trained, will eat out of your hand - very nice, laid - back personality. Short - legged (chondro) PHA clear, A2/ A2 beta casein milk. Price: $525. Call: 352-489-9189 or See More Details
Registered Fullblood Lowline Bull Calf - Registered Fullblood Lowline bull calf. ALR #FM22734. DOB 12/28/13. Excellent confirmation and disposition. This is a rare Zeffirelli sired calf. Price: $1100. Oak Terrace Lowlines Call: 850-242-1407 or See More Details
Registered Mini Jersey Bull - 3 year old naturally polled registered Miniature Jersey bull "Beauregard" Proven sire to several heifers and cows. Price: $1600. Call: 941-915-9223 or See More Details
Pure Longhorn Cow - Pure Longhorn Cow been in pasture with well know Rodeo Bull, Blueberry Wines son for 3 to 4 months and should be breed. Good color and temperament. Price: $2000 Or Best Offer. Call: 407-948-2847 or See More Details

Goats & Sheeprss post

Black goat (doe) - Black goat (adult female as shown) for sale $150 cash firm. She has no horns (polled) She has lop ears. Baby goat in pic NOT for sale! South Ocala. Price: $150. Call: 352-843-2490 or See More Details
Boer goat for trade - I have a 3.5 years old Billy he is gentle and give me Lots of females, hi is in his prime but I replace my stuud every 2.5 years if interested call. Call: 352-563-6131 or See More Details
FEEDER FOR GOAT / SHEEP / ANIMALS - FEEDER FOR GOA - The feeder are thick PVC and pressure treated wood, the are no sharp edges LOOKING TO TRADE FOR ? 6 foot for $20.00 other sizes avail. call or text Price: $20. Call: 352-426-7136 or See More Details
Looking to Breed my Nubian Boer Mix - I have a 2 year old, Unregistered Nubian/ Boer Mix. I am looking to have her bred. Please email me pictures of your Buck, along with breeding fee Price: $50. Call: 352-361-3791 or See More Details
Weatherd billy - I have a 1 year old weathered Billy goat he will make a great family pet or slaughter for meat Price: $75. Call: 407-280-4640 or See More Details
Suffix ewes for sale - I have two suffix ewes for sale one is just under a year, never have been bred $175. the other one is two has had babies she is $250. just email if Price: $200. Call: 352-286-1387 or See More Details
LaMancha Goats for Sale - LaMancha Goats (purebred) for Sale. Price: $100 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-465-7497 or See More Details
KIKO BUCK 14 months - KIKO Buck -possibly a doe too. Call: 352-613-3186 or See More Details
WONDERFUL STUD GOAT FOR SALE - Our wonderful Chewy is for sale. He produced several beautiful kid goats and now we must change up our blood line. Price: $100. Call: 352-388-1116 or See More Details
SISTERS - Katahdin sheep. Sisters. A little more than one year old.200.00 each or the pair for $350.00. Call Jim after 5:00 (352) 843-2481 Price: $200. Call: 352-843-2481 or See More Details
Trade / (2) Male Fainting Goats for Pygmy Does - Would like to trade (2) Male Fainting Goats for (4) Pygmy Does. Will pay difference. Pick up/ Deliver if possible. Call: 352-817-7107 or See More Details
SHOW SHEEP FOR SALE - 2 show ewes for sale that are excellent at breeding $200.00 each 2 Show ewe lambs for sale as well. $200.00 each $600.00 firm if you take all. Price: $200. Call: 386-804-0243 or See More Details
Nubian buckling {big breed} - Nubian bucklin{big breed}no horns bottle fed very playful and tame will make great bucks.120 $ firm Price: $120. Call: 352-426-5047 or See More Details
NIGERAN DWARF GOAT FOR SALE. - NIGERIAN DWARF BUCK AVAILABLE FOR SALE- Great conformation, good disposition and fun to have around. NOT FOR FOOD. Email for more info.75.00. Price: $75. Call: 352-821-2291 or See More Details

Pigsrss post

Show and Feeder Piglets - 30 Weaned piglets, Bluebutts, York, Berkshire, Gloucester and Duroc. Parents full siblings to hogs shown in 2014, great show stock/ feeders, $80-150. Terra Christa Farm Call: 352-572-7720 or See More DetailsClick for Website
400 Pound Yorkshire Hog - 400 pound Male hog. Dewormed. Healthy. Good pig. Cant butcher a pet. Intact Male. Full time student and in work so have no time : Call/ txt me Price: $500. Call: 407-300-4321 or See More Details
Yorkshire hog, - Yorkshire hog, year old 350lbs, she`s ready to breed Price: $400. Call: 352-425-4730 or See More Details
Female Cheshire with 16 nipples. - Female Cheshire with 16 nipples for sale. Great to slaughter now or breed her in a few months. No papers. You will have to come and pick up pig. Price: $80. Call: 352-484-6769 or See More Details

Poultry & Fowlrss post

100% English Cuckoo Orpington Roosters - I have 3 100% English Cuckoo Orpington roosters that need to have a job. I got these roosters from Fancy Chicks in Ohio. Price: $50. Call: 352-245-8649 or See More Details
Free to good home - Young Silkie rooster. All black. Price: Free. Call: 352-427-5597 or See More Details
Ten laying hens - 10 laying hens for sale will sell whole lot of 10 for $80 or half lot (5) for $50. South Ocala. Half are blue egg layers. Price: $8. Call: 352-843-2490 or See More Details
100% English Orpington Chickens - One pair of dark red 100% English Orpington chickens. These came from two differnt breeders so they should produce nice strong chicks. Price: $80. Call: 352-245-8649 or See More Details
Young Royal Palm tom turkey and Calico hen - Young birds in excellent health at $50 each Price: $50. Call: 352-509-4896 or See More Details
Coturnix chicks, and hatching eggs for sale. - Coturnix quail chicks and hatching eggs. Call: 352-465-2747 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowl cont.

Pet Black Silkie Cockerel - Pet Black Silkie Cockerel seeking good home. 3.5 mos old. Price: $25. Call: 352-671-1989 or See More Details
Gamefowl) show quality - We have 2 grey chicks, and a nice spangle who is a stag, full grown (pure) leaper rooster, these chickens have power and have speed and are proven Price: $10. Call: 352-225-0912 or See More Details
Baby Peacocks For Sale - Young Peacocks For Sale in Chiefland, FL. Please call for more information. Price: $25. Call: 352-490-9852 or See More Details
Buff Laced Polish Rooster - Very pretty young rooster Price: $15. Call: 352-229-1366 or See More Details
Rhode Island Laying Hens For Sale - They are free range during the day, inside the coop at night. They just started laying on 7/16/14. Will be six months on 8/8/14. Call: 352-895-7268 or See More Details
Red Star/ Golden Buffs Hens For Sale - Genetically designed to produce eggs! They just started laying on 7/8/14. Will be 6 months on 8/8/14. Call: 352-895-7268 or See More Details
Hens and a rooster - I have a barred rock rooster that is young and a few young and laying hens. Price: $6. Call: 352-246-1213 or See More Details
Chx for sale - Chix for sale $20 for all, there are 11 of them. Cross brd. Diff colors. Located in south Ocala off 484/475A. Price: $2. Call: 352-843-2490 or See More Details
17 hens road island reds and aracanahas - 17 laying hens and 2 tom turkeys all about 1 and 1/2 years old. cickens laying good 200. oo for all Price: $200. Call: 352-817-7921 or See More Details
Jersey giant roo - This boy is 1 1/2 years old, very protective of his hens! Price: $10 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-476-7619 or See More Details
Egg Cartons - EGG Cartons. I've got dozens of egg cartons for 20 cents a piece, or 5 for a dollars. Both in styrofoam and cardboard types that hold a dozen eggs Price: $1. Call: 352-245-1519 or See More Details
Guineas - Guineas for sale in Crystal River. This years' hatching. Eggs available. Price: $8. Call: 727-510-0375 or See More Details
Cute chicken coop ~ - Very cute chicken coop. Cottage style has laying box and is 2 story. Will throw in 2-3 hens. Asking 150. Text or call Serious inquires Price: $150. Call: 352-445-5641 or See More Details
MASCOVY DUCKS - Mascovy ducks of all ages babies and adult females Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-354-0158 or See More Details
Silkie Roos - 4 Silkie Rooster For Sale $5 each Price: $5 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-344-2222 or See More Details
Mascovy ducks of all ages lots of females - Mascovy ducks of all ages Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-354-0158 or See More Details
Big white duck - Male $5.00 - This is a male Peking Duck about one year old. He is quite large and in very good health. Selling only because we have another male already. Price: $5. Call: 352-817-7786 or See More Details
Black Bantam Cochin - cockerels - Two black bantam Cochin young roos. I got these as eggs from a breeder of show chickens. I hatched three roosters, and I only need one. Quality birds! Price: $5. Call: 352-817-7786 or See More Details
Call Ducks - Call ducks for sale. One year old. They are laying now. Price: $20. Call: 352-245-8649 or See More Details
Game rooster for sale - Game roosters for sale for breeding purposes roundheads warhorse round head cross grey hatch and hatch kelsom Call: 386-283-7099 or See More Details
Jacobin Pigeon - Have 3 Jacobin hens and am searching for a cock. If anyone has a cock for sale or would be willing to trade a cock for a hen, please contact me. Call: 352-442-3552 or See More Details
Bantam Cochin Eggs for Hatching - $5 per dozen. I have a couple dozen of these eggs ready to go into the incubator. Price: $4. Call: 603-677-2138 or See More Details
2014 Mandarin males - 2014 Mandarin males for $35.00 each. No females. No pictures. In full feather. Price: $35. Call: 727-570-9928 or See More Details
Ducks - variety - Welsh Harlequin Drake 20.00, black Drake 20.00, young pair of Rouens 35.00, blue Swede Drake (splash color) 20.00, blue swede Drake (classic color) 20 Call: 352-572-1801 or See More Details
Baby turkies - Baby turkies for sale. The picture shows what they will look like full grown. Price: $20. Call: 352-427-8695 or See More Details
Rhode Island Red Roosters - 5 month old Free range RI Red Roosters for sale. Currently 3 available for sale. Safely housed in the PM. Price: $5. Call: 352-212-5517 or See More Details
SERAMAS - My color project is fabulous. We have Mille Fleur, Calico, Reds, Splash and more. Seramas are smaller than a bantam, and easy to care for Price: $25. Call: 352-465-5716 or See More Details
BABY PEACOCKS FOR SALE OR TRADE - These are beautiful pied babies this year. Ready�to go to their new home $20.00 ea is a real good price, can't afford that? Have something to barter? Price: $20. Call: 352-286-1588 or See More Details
Chicks for sale - Six week old Rhode Island Red and Buff Orpington chicks roosting and grazing on their own. Five dollars each straight run. Price: $5. Call: 352-817-6482 or See More Details
Male Peea coo - Great beauty. Young male Price: $175. Call: 352-282-2253 or See More Details
African geese goslings - I have 5 goslings- very young but do not need any heat. Starting at $15 ea. In Belleview Sunday, Citra midweek Price: $15. Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
Quail - Cortunix Quail. I have babies, juveniles and laying adults. Priced $1- $4 each. Pharoah, Tenn Reds, Manchurians, Texas A&M Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
Beautiful silkie roo for sale. makes great - Offspring. but is meaner than ever. $10.00 citrus county area Call: 352-682-9114 or See More Details
Naked neck/ turken rooster for sale: - My other rooster picks on him. big and laid back. $10.00 citrus county area. Call: 352-682-9114 or See More Details
Jumbo Pekins / Muscovy Ducklings & Ducks - Jumbo PEKINS or MUSCOVY Ducks- babies to adults starting at $5 each Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
Lavender Orpingtons - Lavender Orpington chicks. $8 each. Located in Citra or Belleview Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowl cont.

Laying hens, Roosters, Ducks, more - I have a large variety of critters for sale in Belleview on Sunday or Citra midweek. Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
Beautiful Peacocks - Several Hens have babies and there are several males available Call for More Information Price: $75. Call: 352-566-8319 or See More Details
Ducks and Duckling - Ducks Hens for sale. No Males. Approximately 120 baby ducklings available. Yellow/white duckings $5.00 ea. Brown/ yellow duckings $2.50 Call: 352-566-8319 or See More Details
Serama chickens - I have 2 seram chickens for sale. asking $5 each please call 352-897-4845 Price: $5. Call: 352-897-4845 or See More Details
Narragansett turkeys - I have 4 Narragansett turkeys for sale. they are young asking $15 each Price: $15. Call: 352-897-4845 or See More Details
White Leghorn Hens (chickens) - White Leghorn laying hens. 19wks old Some already laying. From Murray McMurray hatchery. Guaranteed females. Best white eggs layers there are. Price: $15. Call: 352-317-0930 or See More Details
SHOW QUALITY WHITE PLYMOUTH ROCK BANTAMS - Birds are $10.00 each. Trios are $25.00 each. Come and pick out your own birds. NPIP certified. We are located in Zephyrhills Price: $10. Call: 813-713-6095 or See More Details
Pair of Turkeys with one baby - Pair of mated Bronze Turkeys with one baby. We are moving and need to get rid of them. The kids have named them Jack and Jill. Price: $80. Call: 352-484-6769 or See More Details
Pipeons - Mixed pigeons, some have feathers on their feet some are half fantail Price: $800. Call: 352-396-1584 or See More Details
Call ducks - Call Ducks, fully grown, 10.00 each . Price: $10. Call: 352-396-1584 or See More Details
Guinea Keets - Guinea keets hatched 6/28/14. Pied, pearl, lavender. Price goes up when they are 10 weeks old. Great for keeping ticks, bugs, snakes out. 239-1998 Price: $7. Call: 352-239-1998 or See More Details

Miscellaneousrss post

Coturnix (quail) fertile eggs babies breeders - Fertile eggs, breeders and babies LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM come make an offer Call: 561-843-1408 or See More Details
TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY Farm Swap Meet, Dunnellon, - 9 AM TO 2 PM (Next swap Sat. August 9th, 2014) 2nd Sat. Monthly (RAIN OR SHINE) 11252 N Williams St, Dunnellon, FL 34432 For more info contact Joan Call: 352-216-4225 or See More Details
Crystal River Mall Farm Swap - 8AM TO 1 PM, 4th Saturday Monthly (July 26th 2014) The Swap is outside in the mall parking lot next to the main mall entrance on Hwy 19 & Office Max. Call: 352-216-4225 or See More Details
Minis - Free minis Price: Free. Call: 352-426-9142 or See More Details
Fullblood Lowline Bull - Spring Creek Uker, reg #FM7762, This bull has awesome genetics! He is the brother to Spring Creek Ulysses, 2010 Grand National Champion Price: $3000. Call: 386-527-9191 or See More Details

Equipmentrss post

Cream Seperator, electric like new - Like new; only used a few times. got rid of goats so no longer needed. Price: $400. Call: 352-226-0015 or See More Details
Hay feeder - Hay feeder $20 Made for wall mount. 27 W 12 D 29 H Great buy. Won"t last, Ideal feeders for goats and sheep. Well built. Screws, no nails. Price: $15. Call: 352-732-2810 or See More Details
Hay bale holder - Round hay bale holder in great condition. $100.00 O/ B/ O Price: $100 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-234-0777 or See More Details
Freshly havested Pensacola Bahia grass seed - 50# bags of Pensacola Bahia seed harvested locally in June 2014. Only 5 bags left. Please leave message. Citrus County Each bag $120.00 Call: 352-795-0115 or See More Details
Cow Hay for Sale in Ocala - Cut in November 2012. 5 roll minimum, $18 per roll. $3 per roll discount for 20 rolls or more. Available in both SE and SW Marion County. Price: $18. Call: 352-454-5634 or See More Details
Hay Rolls and Square Bales for Sale - Highly Fertilized Coastal Rolls and Square Bales*Horse Quality*Long Hammock Ranch*South of Belleview* Call: 352-207-4692 or See More Details
FOR SALE - Last year's grass cut & bailed. Great for beddng. $2.00 a bale. Call: 352-867-7604 or See More Details
Hay rings - Have 3 hay rings, 2 heavy duty cattle $85/ ea and 1 lighter weight $65, or make offer on all 3. Brooksville Price: $85. Call: 352-341-2182 or See More Details
Chicken feeders and water can - 2 chicken galv steel feeders lg 1 Chicken water can galv. steel Price: $20. Call: 352-351-4981 or See More Details
Cattle groom chute - Groom chute we used for 4H. Used but in good condition. Price: $400. Call: 352-622-0197 or See More Details

Wantedrss post

I'm looking for cream brabanters! - I have 1 pullet and she is so sweet! I want just a few more pullets and a rooster! Price: $10. Call: 352-476-7619 or See More Details
Wanted: Nubian or Nigerian Buck with Color - Looking for a Nubian Buck, or a Nigerian Buck. Does not have to be registered, and prefer a buck with color. Looking to spend no more then $75. Price: $75. Call: 352-361-3791 or See More Details
Anything that eats grass- for free or cheap - Looking for some animals that will eat grass so I don't have to mow 3 acres Call: 352-307-7763 or See More Details
Appaloosa for trade - 8 year old Appaloosa gelding, beautiful horse. Green broke. I'm too old to give him the attention he needs. Will trade for cow, calf, pigs, etc. Price: Make an Offer. Call: 954-254-3052 or See More Details
Vallys Sanctuary! "Non for profit Organization" - We are a non for profit organization, We are a Sanctuary, We take unwanted animals and they do not leave our facility until they get old and die, Price: Free. Call: 352-426-0685 or See More Details
Pasture Needed - I'm looking to rent 7 to 10 fenced acres of pasture for my 7 cows until I can get my property fenced. Call: 352-236-4419 or See More Details

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