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Beef Calves - Angus, Brangus, Herefords, Charolais, Beefmaster, and crossbreds available! These calves would be great additions to your current herd. M and M Cattle Call: 352-426-2843 or See More DetailsClick for Website
Miniature Zebu Cattle / Registered Foundation Pure - Updated 09/27/15-We now have new bottle baby pet calves for sale. Pics & prices available on our Facebook page The Other Side Farm. The Other Side Farm Call: 352-598-7118 or See More Details
Build your herd. White Face Angus Bull - 2 yr old White Face Angus Bull. He is very gentle and tame. Price: $1200. Call: 352-502-0179 or See More Details
HAY - Rolls-25.00 to $40.00 depending on size and quality. Also, I will be baling on Nov. 27th-28th. you can pick up in field at discount. Call: 352-220-8489 or See More Details
Irish Dexter Bull Registered - Dexter Bull, 16 months old, Registered with ADCA, Dunn, Dehorned, PHA and Chordro free, Genotype tested, Halter broke, leads and ties, Very nice bull. Price: $1200. Call: 352-344-4442 or See More Details
Hereford Horned Steer - Hereford Horned Steer Price: $1000. Call: 386-734-1703 or See More Details
Registered Chiangus Yearling Bulls. - Sire: Registered Angus Bull EXAR MC2500 7154 - Dam: Both dams are Registered Italian Fullblood Chinana's - WGM NITA and WGM ANNA sired by FRIGGIO. Price: $2000. Call: 407-341-8804 or See More Details
Zebu Bull for sale - Very docile 1year old zebu bull for sale. Will make great breeder or can be halter trained Price: $600. Call: 352-598-7891 or See More Details
Registered Fullblood and Percentage Lowline Cattle - Registered Fullblood and Purebred Lowline Cattle Available. See more details section. Oak Terrace Lowlines Call: 850-242-1407 or See More Details
Minature Zebu Cattle - I have 2 miniature zebu heafers for sale that was born on Veterans Day. Very nice calves will be ready to put on the bottle Saturday. Call: 850-573-2199 or See More Details
Lowline Angus mini cow herd - Good comercial Lowline Angus mini cow herd. 1 Reg Lowline Angus bull 1 bred Lowline Angus cow due after Christmas 1 heavy bred Zebu cow due before Price: $5000. Call: 386-546-5445 or See More Details
GORGEOUS REGISTERED RED PAINT MINI ZEBU BULL CALF! - Israel" is absolutely gorgeous! Excellent conformation! Beautiful, splashy, red paint! Super sweet and halter broke! WILL NOT BE SOLD FOR MEAT! Price: $1250. Call: 352-467-0510 or See More Details
Scottish Highlander Bull Calf - Red Scottish Highlander Bull Calves. Long hair, long horn, exotic. DOB 02/25/2015 & 04/29/2015. Price: $1250. Call: 727-215-5200 or See More Details

Goats & Sheeprss post

Meat lambs for sale - 2 meat lambs for sale. $100.00 each. 1 male and 1 female. Call or email Price: $200. Call: 352-804-2499 or See More Details
Katahdin Cross Ram For Sale - Katahdin Cross Ram for Sale. Big and Healthy. Tagged. Ready to go. $200 Cash. Price: $200. Call: 352-542-0742 or See More Details
Sheep for sale - Katadhin mix ewes for sale, 7 month to 20 month old, $100 - $150. These are lawn mowing pets. Price: $100. Call: 352-613-6600 or See More Details
AMERICAN BARBADO RAM - American Barbado Rams, and Katahdin sheep for sale. please contact Nelson at 352-347-0355 Price: $350. Call: 352-347-0355 or See More Details

Pigsrss post

Graham Family Farm - Pasture raised pigs Duroc/ Yorkshire/ Oldspot cross, 4 sale $75 each. We've spent 25 years creating happier, healthier animals for your home or table Price: $75. Graham Family Farm Call: 352-236-4464 or See More Details
Show pigs - High quality show pigs for sale. Farrowed 9/1/15. Proven bloodlines. 2 barrows and one gilt remaining. Photos available. Located in South Ocala. Price: $250. Call: 352-875-0118 or See More Details
Feeder Pigs - Feeder pigs $50.00 each. Price: $50. None Call: 352-595-2900 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowlrss post

Beautiful Young Blue Birchen Maran Rooster - I have a six month old (hatched 4/15/2015) blue birchen Maran rooster. $10.00. Citra 352-595-5058 Price: $10. Call: 352-595-5058 or See More Details
Two Young Silver Laced Wyandotte Roosters - I have two really nice four month old (hatched 6/19/2015) Silver Laced Wyandotte Roosters. I have pics of the parents. $8.00 Citra 352-595-5058. Price: $8. Call: 352-595-5058 or See More Details
Pure Heritage Rhode Island Reds & Whites - We have potential Show Quality Pure Heritage Rhode Island Red cockerels from the Reese/ Mohawk line. Our birds have won Champions at poultry shows. Price: $20. Call: 352-425-2048 or See More Details
Egg Shipping Kits - If you are shipping eggs and want them to arrive safely to their destination then check these egg shipping kits. We have different sizes available. Call: 352-425-2048 or See More Details
Farm Fresh Eggs (Free Range) - Large and extra large eggs of farm fresh free range chicken eggs. One dozen for $5.00 Call 352-347-7647 or 352-430-8050. Mixed of brown and colored Price: $5. Call: 352-347-7647 or See More Details
RED ROCK ROOSTER - Beautiful Red Rock Roosters (two) nine months old. Hand raised. Friendly. Each $15.00 Call 352-347-7647 or 352-430-8050 Price: $15. Call: 352-347-7647 or See More Details
Wanted Brama hens 2 to 3 years old - I am looking for light brama hens 2 to 3 months old. please contact me at 3522247009 will have good home Call: 135-221-4700 or See More Details
Red Sexlinks - Red Sexlinks pullets- all girls- will be laying large - jumbo brown eggs in about 1 month. 2 for $28. 5 for $65. Located between Citra and t McCoy Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
BANTAM ~ ROOSTERS, ROOSTERS, & MORE ROOSTERS! - I have several Bantam (small) roosters for sale. Price: $5. Call: 352-483-0995 or See More Details
SILKIE ROOSTERS - 4 WHITE SILKIE ROOSTERS 3.00 EACH.1 RED FRIZZLE ROOSTER 5.00 CALL 352-419-6265 Price: $3. Call: 352-419-6265 or See More Details
Chickens - I have a few chickens for sale. I have a pair of golden laced polish, for $30, 5 or 6 silkies and one cochin asking $10 each Price: $10. Call: 352-340-8840 or See More Details
Call ducks - I have a few call ducks for sale. I have to many drakes. I have 2white drakes and 2 bibbed drakes asking $15 each Price: $15. Call: 352-726-0050 or See More Details
WANTED Buff Orpington ROOSTER (DUNNELLON FL) - I'm looking for a Rooster to put with my hens. Pure Buff Orpington only. Thank you. Call: 860-878-4337 or See More Details
Two Ameraucana Roosters for sale - Two beautiful roosters for sale price is $10.00 each, will sell together or separate DOB May 8, 2015. Ocala Price: $10. Call: 352-239-0992 or See More Details
Marcinek Farms Organic Free Range Fresh Eggs - Antibiotic - Free, multi colored eggs by the dozen. Available now. Price per dozen $6.00 in egg carton. Price: $5. Call: 904-451-1093 or See More Details
Pair of call ducks - Bibbed pair of call ducks for sale. asking $50 for the pair. will not split up. They are under 6 months of age. If interested call 352-726-0050. Price: $50. Call: 352-725-0050 or See More Details
Beautiful Bantam pair's - Pure old English pair's. Monder English pair. Call: 352-342-3952 or See More Details
SVART Hona juvenile mating pair for sale - RARE SVART HONA JUVENILES AND HATCHING EGGS FOR SALE THESE WILL LAY ABOUT 160 EGGS A YEAR VERSUS 60 EGGS FROM AYAM CEMANI and are more friendly Price: $200. Call: 352-593-0720 or See More Details
10 Bearded Silkie chicks - Assorted color bearded silkies, straight run $8 each Price: $8. Call: 352-593-0720 or See More Details
Rir hens - 10 rir hens 3 month old Price: $10. Call: 352-425-6238 or See More Details
Variety of Purebred Chicks for sale - Variety of Straight run chicks, Blue Andalusians, Ameraucanas, Buff Orpingtons, Silkies. Price: $8. Call: 352-207-1691 or See More Details
India Blue Peacocks - India Blue/ White Pied Peacocks - Call: 352-216-8367 or See More Details
White guineas for sale- $7 and up - Have white guineas for sale. They are 6 to 7 months old, Many are already layed eggs. Location: Brooksville, FL Price $7 and up as follows. Price: $7. Call: 914-263-7209 or See More Details
Guineas- white, lavender and french pearl- 6 month - Have lavender and French for sale. They are 6 to 7 months old, Many are already layed eggs. $10 ea. Location: Brooksville, FL Price: $10. Call: 914-263-7209 or See More Details
Male adult mascovy ducks - 29 large males Price: $15. Call: 352-354-0158 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowl cont.

RARE BREED New Chicks GERMAN BIELEFELDERS Sexable - Hatching Rare Breed Chicks - Call To Place An Order GERMAN BIELEFELDERS - Autosexing - Social & Docile Price: $20. Call: 352-502-3607 or See More Details
RARE BREED BARBEZIEUX Chickens PULLETS And Chicks - Hatching Very Rare Breed Chicks - FRENCH BARBEZIEUX - Gourmet Meat. Chicks And Juveniles Available. Please Call 352-502-3607 (Patrick) Price: $50. Call: 352-502-3607 or See More Details
Silkies for Sale - Beautiful Silkies. Hens are $20. Roosters are $12. Buff, Splash, & Blue varieties. Will consider offers. If interested, please call & leave msg. Price: $20 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-461-4916 or See More Details

Miscellaneousrss post

Vallys Sanctuary (non for profit) - We r a non for profit organization, we unlike traditional rescues donot adopt out, once the animal comes through the gate they donot leave us, previou Price: Free. Vallys Sanctuary Call: 352-426-0685 or See More DetailsClick for Website
Crystal River Mall Farm Swap, 4th Saturday Monthly - Meet the locals 9AM - 2PM, the *4th Saturday Monthly* in the Mall parking lot next to the main mall entrance on Hwy 19, Office Max and Rural King. Call: 352-425-2048 or See More Details
TRACTOR SUPPLY CO. Farm Swap Meet, Dunnellon, FL. - Meet the locals 9AM - 2PM on the *2nd Saturday Monthly* (RAIN OR SHINE) 11252 N Williams St, Dunnellon, FL. 34432. For more information contact Joan Call: 352-216-4225 or See More Details

Equipmentrss post

Coastal/ bahia cow hay - Fertilized Coastal / bahia cow hay. Not barn kept $15 each Buy 20 or more $12.50 each Call: 352-400-1890 or See More Details
Bermuda and Bahia Round Bales - Clean, highly fertilized round bales for sale. 4x5 tight, net wrapped rolls. Barn stored. Bermuda and Bahia bales for sale. Price: $55. London Farm and Cattle LLC Call: 352-622-5774 or See More Details
Tift 44 Hay Large and Small Bales - Large round 5x5 Bales and Smaller 2 String Bales 5x5 (800lbs) $60 2 String (50lbs) 7 Located at Burkes Tree Farm and Hay Field in Fruitland Park Burkes Tree Farm & Hay Field Call: 352-636-6070 or See More Details
No more bull - Heavy duty aluminum emasculators. Change bull calves to steers. Price: $25. Call: 352-748-2486 or See More Details
Milking set up, can be used for goats or cows - I have an electric milking set up. Call or text for details. Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-598-0441 or See More Details
Water Tanks $150.00 for 250 gallon - Water tanks are in very good condition Price: $150. Call: 352-266-8131 or See More Details
Round Rolls Cow Hay Sprayed for Weeds - Baled Oct 2014 $25 per roll Call 352-591-0498 Price: $25. Call: 352-591-0498 or See More Details
Hog Trap - Available in 4x8 and 5x10. Starting at $450 Price: $450. Call: 352-258-1565 or See More Details
Cattle water trough - 2' x 8' galvanized water trough, 320 gallon size, please call Scott (352) 209-6555. Price: $300. Call: 352-209-6555 or See More Details
Water trough Galvanized - 1000 gallon galvanized water trough - Excellent shape - plse call do not Email me Questions Thanks Scott 352-209-6555 Price: $300 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-209-6555 or See More Details

Wantedrss post

We are offering a safe place for your pig. - We are looking for anyone trying to get rid of a REAL LIVE PIG, STATUES OR ANYTHING PIG RELATED. WE CAN PROVIDE IT WITH A GREAT HOME TO LIVE IN. Price: Free. Call: 863-949-4482 or See More Details
Wanted Bottle Baby Calves - Wanted bottle baby calves. Will have a good home. Call: 352-867-7604 or See More Details
Cows needed for property will trade BH / Dozer wk - Cows wanted for trade for Back Hoe / Dozer work driveway work, asphalt paving, fill dirt, clay, leveling, arenas, ponds, tree work Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-213-1667 or See More Details
Looking For Chicken Hatching Eggs - I am looking to buy some fertilized chicken eggs to hatch. Looking for any large brown egg laying breed. 352-595-5058 call or email. Call: 352-595-5058 or See More Details

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