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Cattlerss post

Beef Calves - Angus, Brangus, Herefords, Charolais, Beefmaster, and crossbreds available! These calves would be great additions to your current herd. M and M Cattle Call: 352-426-2843 or See More DetailsClick for Website
Miniature Zebu Pair ready for breeding - A Foundation Pure and AMZA (American Miniature Zebu Association) registered unrelated bull and heifer. Both are approximately two years old. Price: $2500. Call: 352-586-2824 or See More Details
Registered Romagnola Bull - 5 years old. Throws excellent calves and very fertile. Gentle. Without papers. Price: $3800. Call: 352-341-0903 or See More Details
SCOTTISH HIGHLANDER BULL - Scottish Highlander Bull, 1 yr. old, red, Elegant & exotic, long hair, long horn, hardy & disease resistant Price: $750. Call: 727-215-5200 or See More Details
Pregnant Full Blood Angus - 4 yr old pregnant full blood Angus female. Due in March. Sire of baby is full blood Wagu. This is her 3rd baby. Price: $2000. Call: 352-895-2485 or See More Details
Registered Black Angus Bull Calves - Bull calf born 5/2/14, also 2 August bull calves we will hold until weaned with deposit. Sired by GAF Objective Traveler U901 #AAA16643391. Price: $800. Circle T Ranch Call: 727-434-3448 or See More Details
Miniature Jersey Heifer - Miniature Jersey heifer for sale. Price: $1000. Call: 813-727-3304 or See More Details
Jersey/ Swiss Heifer 14 Months Old - Great cross for milking. Home dairy or commercial. Looks to have 4 good teats. Ready to breed. Friendly and was bottle raised. Price: $1300. Call: 352-233-5056 or See More Details
Scottish Highlander - Scottish Highlaner, 4. Yr. proven red cow Price: $1000. Call: 727-215-5200 or See More Details
Zebu bull Imza, Amza, foundation pure - Komoko bloodline. Downsizing herd. Offspring on premises. No health issues. Grass, hay, occasional grain fed. Not for slaughter. To approved home only Price: $935. Call: 352-465-1555 or See More Details
Zebu steer - Not for slaughter. Not aggressive. 4 yr old Keeps company with one of our Zebu bulls. Now time to spend companion time with Zebu girls/ fellow steers. Price: $460. Call: 352-465-1555 or See More Details
Zebu cow - Gentle shy (not for slaughter) zebu cow 7 yrs old would make a great grass grazer / companion to other zebu & their babies. To approved home. Price: $425. Call: 352-465-1555 or See More Details
Simmental/ angus bull - 1 year old, 750 lbs mol, gentle, would make a good herd bull Price: $1750. Call: 352-461-4776 or See More Details
Registered Miniature Zebu Bull - Paint - Foundation pure, AMZA registered miniature zebu herd sire for sale. Stands just under 39" tall. Black, brown and white paint. Price: $850. Call: 813-477-0569 or See More Details

Goats & Sheeprss post

Nubian cross doe - Daisy 2 years old strawberry roan with white markings. To good home only not for food. She is the one in back of pic with head up. Ocala SR 40. Price: $150 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-843-2490 or See More Details
Goat - very friendly - Friendly male (castrated) goat. Rides in the golf cart! Will only sell to home that wants him for a pet. He comes to his name, Sammy. Price: $125. Call: 352-572-5379 or See More Details
Registered Katahdin Ram - I am selling my flock of sheep. I have 3 Katahdin ewes (14-16 mo) 2 Dorper ewes (14-16 mo) and one Katahdin/ Dorper mix (14-16 mo) Price: $250. Call: 352-509-4896 or See More Details
Looking for goats - Looking for Boar does, doelings and Nubian does and doelings. Call: 772-919-5893 or See More Details
KIKO BUCK 14 months - KIKO Buck -possibly a doe too. Call: 352-613-3186 or See More Details
Pregnant Dorper Sheep for sale - 4 pregnant dorper sheep for sale, not registered, but pure bred. Ram available as well. Asking $300 for sheep and ram $325. Please call or txt only Price: $300. Call: 352-536-3155 or See More Details
Beautiful bred nubian does both about 2 years old - One is regesterd with papers one is not. One is black frost gray ears and mouth real cute. The other a pretty brown with black up the legs. Call: 352-409-2521 or See More Details
Goats Nubian - I have 6 bred ADGA does, 2 ADGA males and 1 boer doe for sale. $150-300. Possible trades for calves or ? Call: 352-481-7040 or See More Details
Goat - Male casturated goat. He is a year and loves car rides Price: $50. Call: 352-515-4958 or See More Details
Fresh Goat Milk for Sale - Fresh goat milk for sale. Not for human consumption. Great for raising animals. $8 per half gallon. Located outside The Villages. Call: 352-504-1913 or See More Details

Llamasrss post

Alpaca female reg in good health - Been runing with a male make good pet or guard Price: $300. Call: 352-817-8400 or See More Details

Pigsrss post

Two new Berk and Duroc litters! - Perfect for 4th of July! Sire is Reg. Duroc, stout and strong piglets, fully vaccinated twice, negative fecals, on starter feed/ wormed, pics on site Price: $150. Terra Christa Farm Call: 352-572-7720 or See More Details
Pot belly pig - Tame male 35 lb house trained pot belly pig 1 yr old black with a little white on him. walks on a harness pic upon request Price: $150. Call: 352-222-6793 or See More Details
Berkshire Sow - Berkshire Sow. Purebred. Price: $200. Call: 352-288-1971 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowlrss post

Japanese bantam rooster for sale! - Young healthy rooster needs good home. will make great pet with a little time and love. call or text anytime. Price: $10. Call: 352-240-2474 or See More Details
FREE ASSORTED CHICKENS - You catch 'em, you keep 'em!Roosters and hens. We were raising, but doctor says no more chickens! Good layers! Call: 352-361-3902 or See More Details
Self Blue Old English Game Bantam pair - Show quality with the rooster winning best variety and 1st place in the State show in inverness. Price: $70 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-237-1488 or See More Details
Sweet Rooster for sale. - Very Sweet rooster that I can't keep because I am having to downsize my flock. Price: $10 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-237-1488 or See More Details
Breeder Pair of White Mute Swans - I have a proven Breeder pair of White Mute Swans for sale. They are very tame and will eat right from your hand. They are pinioned. Will Deliver Price: $1500. Call: 352-494-1028 or See More Details
1 YR. OLD RIR ROOSTER - Beautiful, big RIR rooster. He loves the ladies & is very protective of his flock. Price: $8. Call: 352-512-4204 or See More Details
Hens, Roos, Ducks, Rabbits. geese, chicks, more - I will have a large variety of critters for sale at the market of marion flea market in the C South building. Sundays 10a - 4pm or in Citra midweek Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
2 female adult sebastapol geese - 2 curly feathered adult female geese. Both are a year old. Parents hatched them out and raised them to adulthood. I need to sell these Price: $35. Call: 386-935-0704 or See More Details
Chicken Coop/ Shed/ Play House - Wood chicken coop with floor. Can be used as small shed or playhouse. You can have run and extra chicken wire. Load and move yourself. Price: $800. Call: 352-816-2238 or See More Details
Lavender amerucana roosters - These roosters were hatched in march 2014. they are crowing. I only have roosters for sale at this time. no females. 25.00 each cash. Price: $25. Call: 352-629-0231 or See More Details
English Orpington Chickens - Pairs, Rooster and Hen, All 100% English Orpingtons, Most are laying now, Others about to start. I have Cucoo, Reds. White, Chocolate. $40. a pair. Call: 352-245-8649 or See More Details
Chickens - American Game Rooster Two Hens All three for $50.00 Roger Price: $18. Call: 727-470-2453 or See More Details
Emus - Adult emus. 2 years old. $150 each or $275/ pair. Located in Citra. Delivery available - cost depends on location. Calls preferred Price: $150. Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
Bantam Blue Wheaten Rooster for sale - Apx. 5 months old. Price: $10. Call: 352-342-2959 or See More Details
Eastern Wild Heritage Tom Turkey for Sale! - I have 2 Toms and need to move one before Spring. Beautiful birds and would make a great holiday pet for the farm! Call: 352-221-8137 or See More Details
Silkie and serama chicks - I have 2 splash silkie and6 serama chicks for sale. asking $6 each Price: $6. Call: 352-476-4669 or See More Details
Americauna rooster - Nice young white and black rooster hatched by mom in march crows and is ready for new flock call or text belleview Price: $10. Call: 352-322-3159 or See More Details
Golden Lakenvelder Chicks! - Beautiful Hatch of strong healthy Golden Lakenvelders ready to go. Lavender Orpingtons too! Price: $10. Call: 352-445-3655 or See More Details
Grey Peacock Pheasants - I have 2 pair Breeding Pair Grey Peacock Pheasants for sell. If interested call $450.00 a pair Price: $450. Call: 904-657-8366 or See More Details
Birds - Be - Gone - I have Red gold, Yellow Gold, Reeves, Cinnamon and Cinnamon Splash, Peach, Lady Amherst, Fancy Ringnecks Pheasants and more for sale. Prices start at Price: $45. Call: 904-657-8366 or See More Details
Cream Brabantors - Breeding pair of Cream Brabanters. Hatched 7/1/2014. 5 months old. Must go asap. $30 cash or trade for 2 young RIR or Buff Orphingtons. Price: $30. Call: 352-454-1949 or See More Details
3 Fancy Pigeon Jacobin Hens - Moved. Reduced to $25 each. Price: $25. Call: 352-442-3552 or See More Details
Chicken Coop Small Animal Hutch - I used these hutches for raising baby chicks. They can be used for rabbits or any other small animal. Price: $50. Call: 352-206-5520 or See More Details
Ducks - wide variety - Blue Swede, Khaki Campbell, Saxony, Welsh Harlequin, Cayuga, Pekin Prices and ages vary 15 to 20 each Call: 352-572-1801 or See More Details
Lots Of Eggs - Road Island Reds and mix breed Chickens. Call for a price. Call: 352-299-6848 or See More Details
Two male farm DUCKS - Two male farm ducks, will be one year old in April. Price: $30. Call: 352-288-3806 or See More Details
Chickens - Young hens due to start laying anytime. Brahma Buff Laced Brahma, Golden Campine, Game Hen Roosters too. Price: $22. Call: 727-470-2453 or See More Details
Partridge Silkie Rooster - 4 Years Old. Loves to have a group of hens! Very Handsome. Good Home Only! Price: $20. Call: 352-274-4804 or See More Details
Chickens - Golden Campine hens and roosters four months old. Pair $25.00 Roger Price: $15. Call: 727-470-2453 or See More Details
Lavender amerucana roosters - These roosters were hatched in march 2014. they are crowing. I only have roosters for sale at this time. no females. 25.00 each cash. Price: $25. Call: 352-425-5449 or See More Details
Baby parrot and fertile eggs - We have available healthy Baby parrots and fertile parrot eggs for sale at very good prices. We have well weaned, hand reared and well tamed parrot Price: $100. Call: 887-654-3457 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowl cont.

Heritage Turkeys - Beautiful young Chocolate and Black Spanish males. $25.00 each Call: 352-288-2632 or See More Details
White Sebastopol Geese - Local pickup only, will not ship. Curly and smooth breasted alike. $50.00 a piece, unsexed. Located in O'Brien. Several to choose from. Price: $50. Call: 386-647-7042 or See More Details
Tom turkey - I have a narragnasett turkey for sale. He is around a year old. asking $50 for him. Price: $50. Call: 352-897-4845 or See More Details
Laying hens - Laying hens for sale 1yr old. Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington Price: $20. Call: 352-817-6482 or See More Details
Wyandotte Roosters for Sale - Two Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Roosters, 6 mos old One Silver Laced Wyandotte Rooster, 2 years old $15.00 each Price: $15. Call: 813-786-8963 or See More Details

Miscellaneousrss post

TRACTOR SUPPLY CO. Farm Swap Meet, Dunnellon, FL. - 9 AM TO 2 PM (Next swap Sat. December 13th, 2014) 2nd Sat. Monthly (RAIN OR SHINE) 11252 N Williams St, Dunnellon, FL 34432 For more info contact Joan Call: 352-216-4225 or See More Details
CONCRETE TABLE/ BENCHES - TABLE/ PEDESTAL/3 BENCHES NO EMAILS PLEASE Price: $100. Call: 352-419-6265 or See More Details
Rabbits- different breeds - All kinds and ages $10 each. Belleview on Sundays, Citra midweek. Price: $10. Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
Crystal River Mall Farm Swap 4th Saturday Monthly - Meet the locals 9AM-2PM, the 4th Sat. Monthly in the Crystal River Mall parking lot next to the main mall entrance on Hwy 19, Office Max & Rural King. Call: 352-425-2048 or See More Details
Registered female alpaca. - Beautiful Dark Silver Grey registered female huacaya alpaca. Currently not pregnant and ready to breed. Born 11-1-2007. Price: $1500. Call: 352-401-9992 or See More Details

Equipmentrss post

Hog Trap - Hog Trap Price: $450. Call: 352-563-5545 or See More Details
Electric fence netting $50 obo never used - 165' of electric fence netting- never used. Price: $50 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-598-0441 or See More Details
16ft Gooseneck Livestock Trailer - 2007 Circle W trailer. Some rust. Good floor, new tires and new rear gates. 8 ft cut gate. Lights and brakes good. Ready to haul. $4100 obo. Price: $4100. Call: 352-317-4904 or See More Details
Concrete Animal Water Troughs - $125.00 Oxford, FL - 3 each Concrete Water Troughs. The dimensions are 31" Diameter at the Trough Top by 48" High from the base to the Top with a 24" Diameter Base. Price: $125. Call: 352-233-7955 or See More Details
Small Animal Pen - Well - built, sturdy animal pen made with pressure - treated wood (flooring and posts) Heavy duty gate with latch. Pen measures 8.5 feet long, 4.5 Price: $149. Call: 352-390-8380 or See More Details
Hay For Sale - Barn kept, weed free Bahia. Delivery available. Price: $45. *** Call: 352-220-8489 or See More Details
Windmill - 30 ft tower w/motor, fan & attachments. Do not have the shaft. Price: $1500. Call: 352-821-1251 or See More Details

Wantedrss post

Ocala Area Farmers with hog or coyote problems - Local hunter willing to help with your HOG or coyote problems year round. Call: 352-615-9311 or See More Details
Looking for Classic Old Frill Pigeons - Looking for a pair or trio of nice classic frill pigeons. Call: 352-229-1366 or See More Details
EGGS Wanted - Looking to buy eggs in ocala area! the 2 farms I got mine from went out chickens. At a loss for farm fresh eggs! Call: 352-208-4048 or See More Details
Looking to Buy goats - I am looking to buy healthy Nubian, Boer or other large breed goats and crosses. Females and Wethers only. Call: 352-568-2197 or See More Details
Wanted- looking to purchase Brahma calves - We are interested in purchasing Brahma calves. Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-307-7296 or See More Details
FALLOW DEER - Wanted Fallow Deer. Would like to buy bred does but will consider all deer available. Game Farm license in hand. Price: Make an Offer. Call: 239-253-4766 or See More Details
Unwanted Chickens - I will take healthy unwanted chickens. I am a disabled veteran whose hobby is raising chickens Price: Free. Call: 727-470-2453 or See More Details
Want to buy mini zebu - Want to buy a couple of mini zebu females. Any age. Contact John Call: 352-274-3899 or See More Details
Jersey Cow or calf - Wanted Pure Jersey Cow recently freshened or bred. Young heifer considered. Calf if pure ok. Call: 352-233-5056 or See More Details
Looking for baby Duck - Looking for a female or male baby duck Willing too pay of course would like a young baby thank you : Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-509-4837 or See More Details

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