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Cattlerss post

Scottish Highlanders - The Scottish Highland breed are known for their exotic long furry coat and easy disposition. Price: $500. Dreamcatcher Farm Call: 352-812-5390 or See More DetailsClick for Website
Beef Calves - Angus, Brangus, Herefords, Charolais, Beefmaster, and crossbreds available! These calves would be great additions to your current herd. M and M Cattle Call: 352-426-2843 or See More DetailsClick for Website
Two Registered Black Angus Steers, One Regist Heif - Two Registered Black Angus steers and One Black Angus Heifer for sale. Grass and hay only. Good conformation and attitude & good for show &Breeding Price: $4000. Call: 813-486-7338 or See More Details
5 Heads Angus - 5 Heads Angus Heifers, they are pastured raised, 2 years Perfect time for pregnant. $1350 a head take all for $6000 you save $750 Price: $1350. Call: 786-218-3374 or See More Details
Cattle & livestock - Two Lowline Angus heifers, 7 months old calves for sale, $1500 for both or $800 each. One Lowline Angus baldy face bull, 5 months old, $975. Call: 352-486-3645 or See More Details
Registered Angus Bulls - Both bulls are 2 years old, farm raised, quiet, ready to improve your herd. Bulls are $1800 each or may trade for Angus cows. Price: $1800. Call: 352-586-1855 or See More Details
Mini Dexter Heifer - Hersey is a heifer, she was born January 27, 2016. She is a mini Dexter breed, grass fed, healthy and ready to go. Price: $900. Call: 352-498-2973 or See More Details
Purebred yearling polled Hereford bull - Excellent EPDs 18 month bull. Clean not in a breeding herd. Approximately 800 lbs. Dark points, excellent testicular development, calf ease. Price: $1500. Call: 352-682-9887 or See More Details
8 month old fullblood lowline angus bull calf - Fullblood lowline angus bull calf for sale. excellent bloodlines, sire and dam on premises. Price: $800. Call: 352-255-1728 or See More Details
Dexter Bull - Dexter Bull for sale. 21 month old red bull for sale in Dunnellon. Price: $1000. Call: 228-254-0734 or See More Details
Texas Longhorn for sale - Texas Longhorns for sale Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-509-4896 or See More Details
Nice small herd of friendly beef cattle! - Will come when called! 11 head, 5 bred cows, 5 spring calves, 1 bull. Mostly Charolais. Not ready? No problem, they can stay. Williston. 603-728-5505. Price: $10000. River House Call: 603-728-5505 or See More Details
Herd Reduction/ Various Prices - Greenbelt cows for sale. Angus, Hereford, Beef Master bred to quality Angus, $1,000 each or 10 for $9,000 Price: $1000. Spindletop Farm Call: 727-858-4448 or See More Details
Heifer calf for sale - Beautiful Hereford cross heifer just over six months old. Almost all white with just a few brown spots. Price: $475. Call: 352-274-5028 or See More Details
Grass Fed/ Finished Ground Beef For Sale - Rudnianyn Farms now has USDA Inspected Ground Beef For Sale from our Grass Fed/ Finished, No Added Hormone, No Fed Antibiotic, Pasture Raised Cattle Rudnianyn Farms Call: 352-840-0161 or See More Details
Miniature zebu herd - Herd of mini zebu, 2 cows (possible expecting ) 3 bulls and 2 heifers. Beautiful animals. For sale. $6500. Or better offer. Price: $6500. Call: 352-629-3298 or See More Details
6 month old steer calf - Beefmaster / Angus cross. About 550 lbs. Still nursing, but also on feed, hay & pasture. He is not afraid of people. Price: $600. Call: 352-572-4429 or See More Details

Goats & Sheeprss post

Male goats for sale - Two males Spanish meet goats for sale at $150.00 each. The price is already reduced and nonnegotiable. Price: $150. Call: 352-988-8476 or See More Details
Adorable African Pygmy goats for sale - Currently I have 2 intact young males and 2 females that are 8 weeks old available. Price: $125. Call: 352-348-3072 or See More Details
Boer Goats - Boers goats FULL BLOOD MAX FARM. starts from 200 $ to 900 $ if youare real interest call Carlos at 352 502 1009. Price: $200. Call: 352-502-1009 or See More Details
Three beautiful Nubian doelings - Three beautiful Nubian doelings for sale in Interlachen. Price: $250. Call: 386-684-6655 or See More Details

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Pigsrss post

50 Piglets for Sale! up to 40lbs. - I have over 30 piglets ready for new homes some are 40lbs. up. The males are $35 and the females are $40, most are hand tame great pet or for meat. Price: $35. Call: 352-239-0553 or See More Details
Free Grazing - For Hogs or Goats. Hwy 316 Fairfield - Reddick Area. 352-425-3985 Price: Free. Call: 352-425-3985 or See More Details

Poultry & Fowlrss post

Serama chickens - I have several serama chickens for sale. all different ages and colors. asking $10 each. Call 352-340-8840 Price: $10. Call: 352-340-8840 or See More Details
Hay - Quailty fertilized Bahia hay. $38/ roll. Sumterville. 352-793-1062 Call: 352-793-1062 or See More Details
Backyard Flock Chicks - We have 21- 6 Week old backyard flock chicks 20 of them are hens, and 7- 3day old chicks. Take one or take all. Good meat birds and egg layers. Call: 352-821-0410 or See More Details
Backyard Flock Chicks - We have 21- 6 Week old backyard flock chicks 20 of them are hens, and 7- 3day old chicks. Take one or take all. Good meat birds and egg layers. Call: 352-821-0410 or See More Details
Pair of ducks - I have a pair of gray call ducks for sale. asking $75 for the pair. Price: $75. Call: 352-736-0050 or See More Details
8 Rhode Island Red hens - 17-18 months old Call: 352-895-2953 or See More Details
Young Peachicks 4 sale - These young birds have been raised on chick starter and now starting to fly. They come in to roost at night. $125. each. Very healthy & cared for. Pl Price: $225. Call: 352-274-0107 or See More Details
Fowl - Father of stag Asil Mother shamo/ Brazilian. I have some pure kelso. Call if interested. Thanks. Call: 352-342-3952 or See More Details
10 laying hens - 9 black jersey giants 1 bar rock apx. 2 years old large brown eggs Price: $50. Call: 352-425-6238 or See More Details
Egg Shipping Kits - If you are shipping eggs and want them to arrive safely to their destination then check these egg shipping kits. We have different sizes available. Call: 352-425-2048 or See More Details
Ducks - I have 6 ducks all hens 5 pekin and 1 rouen asking 15 each on pekins and 10 on the rouen text or call 3524848167 Price: $15. Call: 352-484-8167 or See More Details
Amerecauna and Turkin roosters - Lovely black Amerecauna rooster, just started crowing, 6 months old. Large Turkin rock barred rooster, beautiful feathers, 7 months old. Price: $10. Call: 352-207-1716 or See More Details
Easter Egg/ Ameraucana broody hens - I have 6 hens that refuse to get off the nest. They are broody like crazy, and driving me crazy. I want eggs, not babies. Email only please. Price: $30. Call: 352-595-4326 or See More Details
Wanted to Buy: Barn Pigeons - Looking to buy up to 100 barn pigeons but will buy smaller numbers too. Will pay $5 per bird. Call: 863-610-1243 or See More Details
Year old Red Star Hens - Beautiful year old red star hens from McMurray hatchery. Laying beautiful brown eggs. $15 each. Located north of Ocala. Email only please. Price: $15. Call: 352-595-4326 or See More Details
11 muscovy ducklings - 3 2 month old muscovy ducklings $5 each or best offer and 8 1 month old muscovy ducklings $4 each or best offer. Call or text can text pictures Call: 352-875-2970 or See More Details
Chickens 4 Sale - I have 30 hens and 4 roosters 4 sale. Some Rhode Island Red, White Rock, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Plymoth Rock, Ameraucana, and some cross breed. Price: $12. Call: 352-422-5896 or See More Details
Phoenix chicks for sale - Beautiful phoenix chicks for sale, father has a 12 inch tail. they are very well taken care us. Call: 646-243-9474 or See More Details
Pullets Now Laying - Rhodes, Sex Links & Asia Blues, $15. 352-665-8101/386-462-3055. Alachua, High Springs, Newberry area Call: 386-462-3055 or See More Details
Fresh Brown eggs - For sale $1.50 dozen. Located west of Gainesville in the Alachua, Newberry, High Springs area. Call 386-462-3055 for availability. Call: 386-462-3055 or See More Details
Laying Hens for Sale - I have 15 laying hens for sale. 2 Black Jersey Giants, 3 Red Star, 5 Easter Eggers, 2 White Plymouth Rock, 1 Silver Laced Wyondotte, 2 Other Fancy Price: $13. Call: 352-347-8478 or See More Details
Turkeys - Young full grown breeding pair of Turkeys. Beautiful colors. Can text picture. $15.00 for the pair. 352-288-1121 Call: 352-288-1121 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowl cont.

Domestic Geese for sale - Geese for sale in Summerfield Price: $35. Call: 305-244-1575 or See More Details
Young Asil Roosters - Young Asil roosters for sale as well as a few Thai and Asil crosses. asking $25 each. Our asil lines consist of Hyderabad, Brazilian, and Rampuri Price: $25. Call: 417-693-0360 or See More Details
Fibro Roosters - I have 5 to 10 fibro Roosters for sale. my lines and crosses consist of Cemani, Korean Ogye, Homong, Sumatra, and Tomaru (long crower) Price: $50. Call: 417-693-0360 or See More Details
Egg turners for sale - Egg turners never used still in the box. Normally $44.99 in the stores. Price: $35. Call: 352-425-2048 or See More Details
AYAM CEMANI CHICS 4 sale - We have baby Ayam Cemani chickens for sale. They are hatching & we are ready for you to buy. Please feel free to ask questions. Price: $50. Call: 352-219-2950 or See More Details
20 Blue Isbar Hatching eggs - Summer special! Have lot's of rare breed hatching eggs! Price: $50. Call: 352-593-0720 or See More Details
Nice walk in hen house coops - Real nice walk - in coop hen house NEW for up to 16 chickens Price: $300. Call: 352-208-1905 or See More Details
For Sale Guinea Fowl, Turkeys, Chickens & Roosters - Call Samy at 352-274-1444 Call: 352-274-1444 or See More Details
Asil/ Shamo stags - I have two very nice Asil/ Shamo cross Stags who need a new home. They are 4 n 1/2 months old. Call: 352-342-3952 or See More Details
Young Laying Hens $20 - Breeds include red stars, barred rocks, black australorps, wellsumers, anconas, black stars. These are all some of the best laying breeds. Price: $20. Call: 352-303-7757 or See More Details
ISO Golden Sebrights Bantams - I'm in search of some Golden Sebrights Bantams for my daughter and 4H. Thanks in advance. Plz call, email, or text. Jim 3523020918 Call: 352-302-0918 or See More Details

Miscellaneousrss post

2 ba y goats - Boy and girl Nigerian dwarf babies born 10/8/16 Please call cheryl at 727-614-2156 Price: $250. Call: 727-614-2156 or See More Details
Farm Swap @ Crystal River Mall, 4th Sat Monthly - Meet the locals 9AM - 1PM, the *4th Saturday Monthly* in the Mall parking lot next to the main mall entrance on Hwy 19, Office Max and Rural King. Call: 352-425-2048 or See More Details

Equipmentrss post

Bedding Hay - Bedding hay for sale. Price: $3.00 Ea. Please Call (352) 867-7604. Call: 352-867-7604 or See More Details
Hay Racks - 3 metal hat racks for $50 Or $20 each Price: $20. Call: 352-601-7669 or See More Details
Portable covered hay feeder - Covered hay feeder for round rolls & compressed bales, for cattle and horses. Is 6' 7" x 6' in size and gate opening is 6' for easy loading. Call: 352-603-5312 or See More Details
Hog Trap - Hog Trap Price: $250. Call: 352-563-5545 or See More Details
Round Rolls Cow Hay Sprayed and Fertilized by - Southern States. Baled Oct 2015. $25 per roll. Call 352-591-0498 leave message. Call: 352-591-0498 or See More Details
Oster Clipmaster - Lg Animal Body Clippers - Includes never been used combo blade replacement kit. In very good condition. Located in Williston, FL. Call 352-486-6115. Price: $100. Call: 352-486-6115 or See More Details
Portable PVC corral - 10 panels, each 6 ft. long by 52 in. tall. 4 ft. gate. Each panel weighs approx.12 lbs. Attaches with heavy duty Velcro straps. (used for camping) Price: $100. Call: 352-793-7897 or See More Details

Wantedrss post

Brahma Hen wanted for friend and companion - Looking for a full grown Brahma hen, I prefer Dark Brahmas but any will do, I need one for a friend for my Brahma hen, she is lonely Call: 352-502-3518 or See More Details
Wanted mini donkey or mini horse - Wanted reasonable mini donkey already fixed or a jenny perfered a jenny just for a buddy for my horse he just lost his friend Friday Call: 352-427-5232 or See More Details

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