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Cattle & Livestock For Sale

Livestock Classifieds from Ocala, Florida's Internet Marketplace

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Cattlerss post

Registered Black Angus Bull Calves - Bull calf born 5/2/14, also 2 August bull calves we will hold until weaned with deposit. Sired by GAF Objective Traveler U901 #AAA16643391. Price: $800. Circle T Ranch Call: 727-434-3448 or See More Details
Registered Romagnola Bull - 5 years old. Throws excellent calves and very fertile. Gentle. Without papers. Price: $3800. Call: 352-341-0903 or See More Details
SCOTTISH HIGHLANDER BULL - Scottish Highlander Bull, 1 yr. old, red, Elegant & exotic, long hair, long horn, hardy & disease resistant Price: $750. Call: 727-215-5200 or See More Details
BRED COWS COW / CALF PAIRS BULLS CALVES YEARLINGS - We carry a large variety of cattle year round for sale. Our cattle are chosen to be horn free and gentle. Price: $450. . Call: 863-581-3108 or See More Details
Young Purebred Red Angus Steer for sale - We are selling are steer. He has been grain fed and still is. He also grazes the property. Call Michele for details. stop by and see him. Call: 352-212-2934 or See More Details
Maine Cross Bull - Maine Cross Bull for sale. Black, polled with great disposition. Price: $2000. Call: 386-755-3541 or See More Details
Mineral/ Feeder Boxes & Troughs - Covered mineral/ feeder boxes 4ft, 5ft, 6ft lengths. Many designs. Open feed troughs 2ft x 8, 12, 16 ft in length. Horse/ cow hay feeders. Call: 352-603-5312 or See More Details
Good Looking Bull for Sale! - Bull for sale. Please contact Humberto for more information & to set up an appt. to view. Call: 352-598-4520 or See More Details
Zebu's several to pick from - We have 6 zebu's various ages for sale. asking $400.00 ea. Price: $400. Call: 352-793-6801 or See More Details
Grain fed steer - Grain fed black Angus steer weighing 1100 lbs. He is fat and ready for the freezer. Price: $2. Call: 352-208-7755 or See More Details
Beef Calves - M & M Cattle We have a large variety of calves on hand year round. You can contact us to see pictures of what we have in stock. Price: $650. M&M Cattle Call: 352-426-2843 or See More DetailsClick for Website
Zebu cow Komokos bloodline - Gentle shy (not for slaughter) zebu cow would make a great grass grazer & companion to other zebu & their babies. To approved home. Price: $400. Call: 352-465-1555 or See More Details
Zebu bull Imza, Amza, foundation pure - Komoko bloodline. Downsizing herd. Offspring on premises. No health issues. Grass, hay, grain fed. Not for slaughter. To approved home only. Price: $980. Call: 352-465-1555 or See More Details
Zebu steer - Not for slaughter. Not aggressive. 4 yr old Keeps company with one of our Zebu bulls. Now time to spend companion time with Zebu girls/ fellow steers. Price: $460. Call: 352-465-1555 or See More Details
Jersey Cow in milk for sale - Beautiful, healthy Jersey cow for sale. She is currently being milked, very calm and easy to handle. Price: $1200. Call: 321-208-1253 or See More Details

Goats & Sheeprss post

KIKO BUCK 14 months - KIKO Buck -possibly a doe too. Call: 352-613-3186 or See More Details
Wanted Dairy Goat Does - I am looking for two young dairy does, at least 18 months old. Must be from a CAE, CL and Johne's free herd Call: 352-221-2848 or See More Details
Fall Feed Savings - Save on select Nutrena feed through 11/8/14 Midwest Feed & Farm Call: 352-351-2770 or See More DetailsClick for Website
ADGA registered LaMancha does for sale - Two lovely, correct junior does for sale with Glen Mythos and Barnowl genetics. 8 months old. $250 each. Pictures upon request. Price: $250. Call: 352-391-3549 or See More Details
Pygmy Goat - Pygmy Billy goat with blue eyes. Great temperament. Loves to be petted. E - mail or leave phone message and I will return your call. Price: $100. Call: 386-437-6633 or See More Details
Boer Goat - Purebred Boer Buck registered with ABGA. Almost 2 yrs old. Call: 352-595-5163 or See More Details
Two nigerian Dwarf goats - Two Nigerian Dwarf goats 6 months old two little boys neutered Dehorned Dewormed healthy very friendly great pets 100 each or OBO Call: 352-812-6935 or See More Details
7 yr old billy goat - 7 yr old kiko boer billy goat very gentle good breeder black and white need to sell for new blood lines possible trade for another billy Price: $200. Call: 352-397-5038 or See More Details

Pigsrss post

Show and Feeder Piglets - 30 Weaned piglets, Bluebutts, York, Berkshire, Gloucester and Duroc. Parents full siblings to hogs shown in 2014, great show stock/ feeders, $150-200. Terra Christa Farm Call: 352-572-7720 or See More Details
Mini Pigs - 7 days until we move. Must Sell! Born 05-18-14. Two males left. Price: $20. Call: 352-361-4257 or See More Details

Poultry & Fowlrss post

Laying hens, Roosters, Ducks, more - I have a large variety of critters for sale in Belleview on Sunday or Citra midweek. Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
English Orpington Chickens - Pairs, Rooster and Hen, All 100% English Orpingtons, Most are laying now, Others about to start. I have Cucoo, Reds. White, Chocolate. $40. a pair. Call: 352-245-8649 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowl cont.

Free ducks - We have 3 pekin ducks 6 months old 2 males 1 female. The female is laying. Will only give them to good home. THEY ARE NOT TO BE KILLED. Price: Free. Call: 352-553-9357 or See More Details
Emus - Adult emus. 2 years old. $150 each or $275/ pair. Located in Citra. Delivery available - cost depends on location. Calls preferred Price: $150. Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
Pair geese - M/ f large geese, will trade for 2 laying hens Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-694-2896 or See More Details
Silkie Roos for Sale - Pet Black Silkie Roos. Friendly, yet protective of flock. Born April 14, 2014. Price: $15. Call: 352-671-1989 or See More Details
Chickens - Baby chicks for sale. They are four days old. They were raised from my incubator and are very tame. Several different breeds. Price: $3. Call: 727-470-2453 or See More Details
15 Chicken/ 3Coops/ Fencing Package - Moving need to sell package=chickens, coops, fencing, etc. all must go, Wide Variety in flock. $800.00 OBO, leave message, will call back. Price: $800. Call: 352-426-7851 or See More Details
ASTROLORP ROOSTER - Purebreed Astrolorp Roosters Several Available Almost 1 Year Old Price: $20. Call: 352-502-3607 or See More Details
Pair of turkeys - I have a pair of turkeys for sale. tome is narragansett and the female is black spanish/ narragansett cross. asking $100 for the pair. Price: $100. Call: 352-897-4845 or See More Details
Turkeys - Reserve your turkey ready for sale in November. I have blue slate, rio grande Price: $50. Call: 352-598-2259 or See More Details
3 DUCKS Multi - Colored - $20 each. 3 ducks. 2 two - month old girl and boy. Girl is tan and boy is Rouen (large Mallard) green head, black and white body. 1 one - month Rouen. Price: $20. Call: 352-897-1239 or See More Details
Chickens hatched june 28 - Will be good brown egg layers Price: $12. Call: 352-425-6238 or See More Details
Boer goats - Billy's ready now to breed heavy weight sorry no pictures must see. some paints they are pretty. Price: $400 Or Best Offer. Call: 863-853-1752 or See More Details
Cochin hens - I have 2 young cochin hens for sale. One blue and one black asking $10 each. Price: $10. Call: 352-476-4669 or See More Details
Roosters free - I have 3 roosters, they are half silkeys. need good homes Price: Free. Call: 352-299-5047 or See More Details
Want to trade bantams for ducks! - I have three bantam chickens (one barred rock rooster and two hens) and would like to trade them for Pekin ducks or sell them for $30 for all three. Call: 859-621-0497 or See More Details
GAMEFOWL TRIO FOR SALE - Trio gamefowl for sale. Good breed to start with. 3/4 kelso and 1/4 sweater. Price: $150. Call: 352-201-2960 or See More Details
Save on shipping and pick up your chickens! - Speckled Sussex, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Black Australorpes and Blue Laced Wyandottes Price: $10. Call: 352-445-3655 or See More Details
3 Fancy Pigeon Jacobin Hens - 3 Jacobin DNA hens. 2 Splash and 1 Almond. Pets for my enjoyment, but all have produced babies! Moving! On sale for an incredible $35 each. Price: $40. Call: 352-442-3552 or See More Details
Barred Rock - 5 hens. Approximately 2 years old. Have had them since they were chicks. Still laying. Price: $25. Call: 352-470-6688 or See More Details
BEAUITFUL RED RANGE CHHICKS - I have beautiful red range chicks for sale they have an growth rate reaching 6 to 7 pounds in just 9 to 12 weeks they are able to withstand free range Price: $5. Call: 407-470-3293 or See More Details
Fertile bearded silkie eggs - Bearded silkie eggs for sale. white, black and splash. asking $20 a dozen. I also have young chicks available Price: $20. Call: 352-726-0050 or See More Details
Ducklings & Ducks - Just hatched Ducklings Pekins $5 each. Full grown $15 each Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
Trio of Silver spangled hamburgs. Large Fowl - Very pretty birds a lot of potential. Will send pics if wanted. Price: $60 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-237-1488 or See More Details
Gold Larkenvelder - Quintet for sale. Coming up to laying age. One roo and four girls. Healthy birds. Price: $100. Call: 352-489-4937 or See More Details
Quail - Cortunix Quail. I have babies, juveniles and laying adults. Priced $1- $4 each. Pharoah, Tenn Reds, Manchurians, Texas A&M Call: 352-789-5625 or See More Details
6x16 chicken tractor on haywagon frame - Well made two compartments with wire floor, nest boxes and good acces. Price: $500. Call: 353-438-8885 or See More Details
Serama chickens - I have 2 seram chickens for sale. prices depend on age and size starting at $5 call Price: $5. Call: 352-897-4845 or See More Details
Lavender amerucana roosters - These roosters were hatched in march 2014. they are crowing. I only have roosters for sale at this time. no females. 25.00 each cash. Price: $25. Call: 352-425-5449 or See More Details
Barred Rock/ Cuckoo maran Pullets - 3-4 month old Barred rock/ Cuckoo Maran mix pullets (Barred rock roo, Cuckoo maran hen) They just look like barred rocks. I'm selling them for $6 each. Price: $6. Call: 352-575-7325 or See More Details
Ducks - wide variety - Blue Swede, Khaki Campbell, Saxony, Welsh Harlequin, Cayuga, Pekin Prices and ages vary 15 to 20 each Call: 352-572-1801 or See More Details
Layihg Hens - RIR, Sex Link, Jersey Giant hens, 7 months. Excellent Layers! $15 each, or $40 for 3. Few older hens, still laying, $10 each. Price: $15. Call: 352-584-6540 or See More Details
Guineas - Guineas for sale in Crystal River. This years' hatching. 1/2 grown and roosting. Eggs available. Price: $8. Call: 727-510-0375 or See More Details

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Poultry & Fowl cont.

Trio of Silver spangled hamburgs. Large Fowl - Very pretty birds a lot of potential. Will send pics if wanted. Price: $60 Or Best Offer. Call: 352-229-1366 or See More Details
Nesting Boxes - Nesting boxes made to order $15.00 ea. 16X17 perfect for your hens, our hens love them. text or email only. Serious inquires only please. Price: $15. Call: 352-445-8900 or See More Details
Game birds - Large quantities all for sale Price: $40. Call: 386-337-4558 or See More Details
Egg cartons for sale 15 cents each - I have hundreds of egg cartons for sale. You must but a minninum of 100. They are 15 cents each. Located on hwy 42 in Summerfield Price: $15. Call: 352-347-0404 or See More Details
Chicks - 2 weeks old, straight run, Delaware and Rhode Island Reds, nice strong chicks, $3 each, leave message. Price: $3. Call: 352-867-7808 or See More Details
Young turkey hens - Need to downsize. Have 2 turkey hens almost 5 months old Call: 352-685-2030 or See More Details
Have a mix of barn yard chicks and ducks for sale - Have several back yard mix birds both chicken and ducks. All colors and combinations. Price: $6. Call: 352-454-8292 or See More Details
Seramas - Serama hens and roosters, lot of colors to chose from, various ages, make great pets, 4-H projects Call: 352-449-9509 or See More Details

Miscellaneousrss post

TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY Farm Swap Meet, Dunnellon, - 9 AM TO 2 PM (Next swap Sat. November 8th, 2014) 2nd Sat. Monthly (RAIN OR SHINE) 11252 N Williams St, Dunnellon, FL 34432 For more info contact Joan Call: 352-216-4225 or See More Details
CONCRETE TABLE/ BENCHES - TABLE/ PEDESTAL/3 BENCHES NO EMAILS PLEASE Price: $100. Call: 352-419-6265 or See More Details
Young India Blue Peacocks for sale. 8mths old. - Young India Blue Peacocks for sale. 30. each. Mascovy Drakes 4 sale. $25. each. LARGE} Drakes. Price: $30. Call: 352-489-5988 or See More Details
Crystal River Mall Farm Swap Saturday October 18th - Meet the locals 9AM-2PM, normally the 4th Sat. Monthly (October 18th) in the mall parking lot next to the main mall entrance on Hwy 19 and Office Max Call: 352-216-4225 or See More Details
Jenny donkeys - I have a few jennys for sale call for more details current coggins Price: $250. Call: 352-857-5605 or See More Details

Equipmentrss post

TATTOO KIT - All Breed 5/16" Tattoo Kit NEW Never used. Includes Tongs, 2 sets of Numbers & Alphabet, unopened, Bk. ink & case. Paid $100. Firm on price. Price: $60. Call: 352-266-3277 or See More Details
Aluminum trailer - Aluminum trailer 8 lug axle, 7 ft. wide x 8ft. long, fold up tongue. Price: $1000. Call: 352-572-8662 or See More Details
Raw Jersey Cow Milk & Raw Goat Milk - Fresh UNPASTURIZED Jersey Cow Milk & Nigerian/ Lamancha Goat Milk. Collected cleanly, then filtered & bottled. Health tested Animals. Meet the milkers Price: $10. www.delightfulacres.com Call: 352-233-5056 or See More DetailsClick for Website
Chicken coop - Newly constructed chicken coop. Very secure. Located in Anthony. Ask for Emma. Pick - up only. Price: $150. Call: 352-497-7099 or See More Details
Surge Milker - Stainless Steel Surge Milker, two available asking $30 each Call: 386-454-5112 or See More Details
Hay Feeder - Custom built hay feeder for round & square bales, has trough for feed and loose hay. Has a roof and e - z open door on end. Mounted on skids Price: $2100. Call: 352-572-8662 or See More Details
FOR SALE - Last year's grass cut & bailed. Great for beddng. $2.00 a bale. Call: 352-867-7604 or See More Details
Windmill - 30 ft tower w/motor, fan & attachments. Do not have the shaft. Price: $1500. Call: 352-821-1251 or See More Details
Hog Trap - Hog Trap Price: $450. Call: 352-563-5545 or See More Details
Hay feeder - Hay feeder $20 Made for wall mount. 27 W 12 D 29 H Great buy. Won"t last, Ideal feeders for goats and sheep. Well built. Screws, no nails. Price: $15. Call: 352-732-2810 or See More Details
Cow Hay for Sale in Ocala - Cut in November 2012. 5 roll minimum, $18 per roll. $3 per roll discount for 20 rolls or more. Available in both SE and SW Marion County. Price: $18. Call: 352-245-7007 or See More Details

Wantedrss post

Vallys Sanctuary (non for profit) - We r a non for profit organization, we unlike traditional rescues donot adopt out, once the animal comes through the gate they donot leave us, previous Price: Free. Call: 352-426-0685 or See More Details
Cows needed for property will trade BH / Dozer wk - Cows wanted for trade for Back Hoe / Dozer work driveway work, asphalt paving, fill dirt, clay, leveling, arenas, ponds, tree work Price: Make an Offer. Call: 352-213-1667 or See More Details
Wanted pygmy goat - Looking for a pygmy goat as a friend for my boy, he's real little but around a year old, doesn't fight has been raised as a pet, he's lonely b/ c all Call: 352-843-2490 or See More Details
Wanted: Pasture to rent - I am looking to rent 50 to 100 acres of fenced pasture land. Must be in or near Umatilla, like Altoona, Eustis, E. Leesburg, or Mt. Dora. Call: 352-636-4969 or See More Details

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