Tips to Optimize Your Garage Sale Ad!

March 12, 2018 News


The season of spring cleaning is upon us! Would you like to bring the entire town to your garage sale? Okay, maybe not the ENTIRE town, but you’d like to bring a good number of people so sell most of your stuff at your garage sale. Well, have no worries because we are here to help! Below will be a few helpful tips to make your garage sale advertisement stand out and be the most informative one on the page.



Here are 5 tips and tricks of the Garage Sale classified:

1) Have a catchy title to your ad like “Christmas Blowout Sale!” or “Prices Not Found in Stores!” ; You want to catch people’s attention right away so they will look further into your ad, so get creative!

2) In the first line or two of your description try to include the dates, times and location of your garage sale so it will show up in the preview, also so shoppers can plan accordingly.

3) Try to add photos of some of the big ticket items that will be available for purchase at your garage sale.

4) Also include where to park if you have a specific area, or if you live in a regulated neighborhood let people know anything they may need to know.

5) Being descriptive is a must!  Not only with your items for sale but also WHEN and WHERE the sale is.

We hope this list will help you when creating your advertisement. Thank you for using Ocala4sale!