Pet Tech: Microchip IDs

Implanting a microchip into your pet is an excellent way to recover your pet when it is lost. A third of pets go missing every year, with 90% of untagged pets failing to return home. Using a microchip together with a collar tag will give you extra security and peace of mind.

Information held on the microchip consists of:

  • Chip number
  • Pet owner’s contact information
  • Name and description of the pet
  • (Optional) Vet contact information and an alternate contact number

Many vets like to scan your pet at every visit to check that the chip can still be picked up, and also to use the number as an identifying reference for the pet, in the same way humans can be identified by a fingerprint, social security or passport  The microchips are designed to last 25 years and safely stay put inside your pet without getting lost in its body.

Remember, always notify the registry if you have changed address or if you have adopted a pet with a microchip.