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Danielle Steels Hardcover books

Novels : Five Days in Paris and The gift. are shown only Books by Danielle Steel. I have over 40 of her books(Different titles) […]

Simpson's 11th season


The Simpsons The Eleventh Season

DVD The Simpsons The Eleventh Season $10

Family Guy Season 5,6,&7


Family Guy Season 5, 6, & 7

Family Guy DVD’s Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 $5 each

booksCarlton Sheets 019


Carlton Sheets Real Estate course

Carlton Sheets how to buy Real Estate with no Money down Real Estate Course,complete as new condition course,consisting of 2 DVDs and 12 audio […]

Code Geass 1


Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 $10 each

Eden of the East


Eden of the East

Paradise Lost The King of Eden The Complete Series $10 each

DSCN4203 (1)


80+ VHS movies and documentaries

In original factory boxes, including James Bond films, horror, the WORLD AT WAR and VICTORY AT SEA, collections, Dirty Harry films. All in excellent […]



Vinyl Collection

Vinyl , reel to reel , DVDs , Blu-Ray , Box sets , out of print items. From 60s to present. Virtually all genres. […]



DVD’s (Three) (New)

3 DVD’s (new) Titanic The Hangover Denzel Washington Flight



The Untouchables TV Series (1960’s )

28 Volumes of The Untouchables TV Series from the 1960’s on VHS tapes. Set cost over $300

Bond 1 $15 5-24-20


Bond, James Bond

Set includes vhs video Tomorrow Never Dies, video w/behind the scenes footage, Repro of Pierce Brosnan-autographed final shooting script and collectible photo set. The […]

GRE  Exam Prep


Official GRE Guide (3rd edition)

Great prep (4 practice tests) and tips for raising your GRE scores for grad school