Garage Sale or Treasure Hunt? Five Tip to Optimize your Experience!

Ready hit the garage sale circuit? Check the local classifieds, grab a cup of coffee and head out for a morning of fun and bargains. Here’s how to make the most of your shopping adventure:

1. Know before you go. Check the classifieds for the most promising sales and make those your primary stops, catching any interesting additional sales along the way. (For example, check out our Ocala Garage Sales Page.)

2. Check the LIVE garage sale map. With our new site we have a new feature that shows where the garage sale in Ocala are, based on the address listed in the classified ad. So you’re no longer having to plot your own points, just look and go! That equals more time for shopping.

3. Go early for the best deals. Set the coffee to brew automatically and get out at the crack of dawn if you’re serious about deals or know exactly what you’re looking for. The best deals move quick because the pro’s go early.

4. Price preparation. For key items, know the market in advance. A good way to check used merchandise prices is to visit our classified sites. For instance, you can find prices for Appliances in Ocala or Jewelry listed in the Villages by browsing the classifieds in advance.