Florida International Teaching Zoo

The Florida International Teaching Zoo promotes public education through conservation and reproduction of endangered and rare animals. We also teach the next generation of animal caregivers. We are a 501-C-3 (SC-10577) not for profit organization.

Our zoo is a complete guided zoo keeper talk. We introduce the animals to you, explain about their status in the wild, talk about their unique adaptations, and let you know what it like to work with them. You learn about the real situations facing wildlife, and how zoos like ours have contributed to their future. The Florida International Teaching Zoo is not designed as a rescue. We don’t take pet tigers. We keep animals that teach our students, and animals that contribute to their survival as a species.

Here you can meet Indigo our Female Black Jaguar

INDIGO was born in 2013 in Montgomery, Alabama. “Zoo officials say the cubs are the first born to mom Nakita, a 4-year-old spotted jaguar, and dad Kai, an 8-year-old black jaguar.”

There are only around 200 jaguars represented in zoos worldwide. The third largest cat in the world, the population of jaguars is decreasing in the wild.


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