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Fluffy Persian Mix Kitten

September 18, 2023

She’s long haired and about 3 months old. She’s very sweet and affectionate. She’s a mix between and purebred Persian cat and a pure […]



Lilac Dollface Persian Kittens

September 18, 2023

I have only 3 more long hair lilac Doll face Persian kittens. 2 female and one male. They are purebred and both parents are […]



Medium Hair Siamese Kitten

September 18, 2023

He is a Sealpoint Balinese kittens with medium hair. I have one more kitten left. He is male. I will give him his shots […]



Female Ragdoll Kitten

September 18, 2023

I have only one more ragdoll kitten. A female kitten. I will give her her shots before she is rehomed. She’s already eating hard […]