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Stagecoach By Norman Rockwell

“STAGECOACH” was painted by Rockwell for the motion picture “STAGECOACH” filmed by 20TH Century-FOX in 1966. Reprinted by Winchester to commemorate its 100th anniversary, […]



Monkey Wrench

July 10, 2021

FORD Ford USA. Manufacturer: Manzel Co., Buffalo, NY, 1910. Part No. A-17021,Standard Equipment. Wrench: 9 1/4 inch, square tail. No rust. Some original black […]



Chess Set Superb

SUPERBA MASTERPIECE CHESSMEN, TOURNMENT EDITION. Kings are 4 1/2 ” tall. Felt base. Black and ivory plastic. Peter Ganine, 1947-1957. Original unblemished carton. Pleasantime […]



The Bible, Heston

April 2, 2021

Charlton Heston presents The Bible. Stories from the New Testament and the Old Testament. Two (2) VHS, hi-fi Stereo Tapes. Shot on location in […]