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Pineapples, Plumeria, Pots and more

Lots of large pineapple plants with fruit, Barbados cherries, figs, blackberries and blue berries, peppers, longevity spinach, all at great prices. We also have […]


Pots, Succulents, Exotics, Orchids

Many varieties of succulents, orchids, Neo bromeliads, Plumerias, Whales Fin and other types of Sansavera, Foxtail Ferns, flowering trees, pots in all sizes, trays, […]


Fruit and Vegetable plants, trees, herbs, bushes

Barbados cherries great source of vitamin C. Purple Longevity spinach and green Okinawa spinach in 2 gallon pots. Large fig trees, pineapple plants with […]