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Hunting Knife & Sheath

October 23, 2021

Razor sharp high carbon steel blade with Scandinavian edge from Finland. Handle and sheath custom made in Ocala, Florida. Smaller knife blade I s […]



Saddle knife

October 23, 2021

Razor sharp high carbon steel blades from Finland. Knife handed and sheath made in THE HORSE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD by Garris. Knife can […]



Custom Knives

August 21, 2021

High carbon steel knives from Finland tempered to Rockwell scale 59 which means blade is very sharp and will hold an edge. Handles are […]



Western/English riders small sheath belt and necklace k

Custom knives with high carbon steel blades from Sweden/Finland (which means the razor sharp edge stay sharp longer) .The handles and sheaths are made […]



Beautiful Mercedes 300 SDL diesel 30 MPG

August 6, 2021

COME AND SEE this beautiful model that was produced to compete with the Rolls Royce model that we’re usually driven by chauffeurs. AND MAKE […]



1986 Mercedes Benz 300 SDL 30 MPG

August 5, 2021

Come and see thisbeautiful rust free original paint 170000 mile diesel and then make a reasonable offer. (i paid 5k for the car and […]