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Grape Tomato Plants

Grape Tomato Plants $1.00 and up. 4″ pots. Already having to stake them. Growing Fast.



Tomato Plants

Better Boy & Ugly Tomato Plants. Will have Large Tomatos. These plants sell in local stores for $5.88. My plants are 3 times the […]

Tall Mexican Petunias


Plants Mexican Petunias

Mexican Petunias.Purple.This plants are about 4-5 feet tall. in 10 to 11 inch pot now.

Plantain Tree


Banana Trees

Plantain Trees 4 Ft. High & Up.

Asparagus Fern 5


Plants Large Asparagus Fern

Large Asparagus Fern. Will look good in Hanging Basket. In 9-11 inch pot now.

Asparagus Fern 2


Plants Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern in 5-6 in pots.

Asparagus Fern 3


Asparagus Fern Plant

Asparagus Fern. In 5″ to 6″ pot



Hp Office Jet 6500 Cords

October 24, 2019

HP Office Jet 6500. Electrical Cord and Cord that goes to printer. [email protected]

Bookkeeping & Secretarial

Experienced in Bookkeeping, Invoicing, Secretarial, Accounts Payable & Receivable,Quick Books, Sales Tax, Payroll and Most Tax Forms. If you need help in any of […]