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young Chickens

5 mins ago

3 1/2 month old. Will be Brown, blue or green egg layers. Also speckled Sussex and Turken



Brinsea incubator

21 hours ago

Octagon Eco20. Manual turner but can add auto turner. Fan not working, can replace or use as a still air incubator. Thermometer included.



Doggie/ pet rags

October 3, 2022

Big box new and slightly used t-shirts. Great rags for pets and kennel. Also a dog small harness. Free if someone can use



Egg cartons

October 3, 2022

Asst egg cartons.



digital Incubator

October 2, 2022

Farm Innovations Model 4250 Circulated Air Incubator with Turner. All digital. Used just couple times, like new!



Wyandotte rooster

October 1, 2022

12 month old blue laced red Wyandotte rooster. Friendly and breeding hens.



Coturnix quail hens

September 28, 2022

Just started laying



Chicken feeder

September 27, 2022

Little giant plastic feeder base and 1quart jar. 4$each. 15 to choose from. Slightly used.



Ringneck pheasant

September 24, 2022

1 young male left



Fresh eggs

September 12, 2022

Dozen $4



Gardening books

4 gardening books. Like new



Dog chilling station

September 11, 2022

Chillspot Cooling Station keeps your pet cool when the temperature soars. Freeze the chillpod, slide it in the chill tile and put the chill […]



Quail eggs

September 8, 2022

1 dozen fresh quail eggs



Chick waterer

September 5, 2022

Little giant plastic water base and 1quart jar. 4$each. 7 to choose from. Slightly used. These are the smaller base for small chicks, quail.