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Ham Radio Yaesu FT-890 HF Transceiver For Sale

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Ham Radio Yaesu FT-890 HF Transceiver For Sale
The Yaesu FT-890 is an amateur radio transceiver that transmits on 160 to 10 meters, while the general coverage receiver tunes from 100 kHz to 30 MHz.
Power output is 100 watts in CW, SSB, FM and 25 watts AM carrier. It features IF Shift, IF Notch and 16-bit main CPU, and needs a 13.8 V DC power supply at 20 Amps. It is relatively small. About 9" x 4" x 10" Features: 160-10 meters IF Notch IF Shift Dual VFOs Noise Blanker Speech Compressor Both transmit and receive work great. It has the optional automatic antenna tuner, narrow CW and AM filters included. Of course it has a hand mic, manual, and power cord. Only $500. .

Price: $500

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