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Reloading Setup

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Reloading Setup
Complete RCBS reloading setup including everything needed for reloading 9mm & .380. Adaptable for almost every handgun and rifle cartridge.
Bench with light, Rock Chucker Supreme press, case trimmer, powder measure, calipers, powder scale, hand - primer press, bullet puller and shell holders for 9mm and .380. Carbide 3-die sets in 9mm and .380. 2lbs Power Pistol powder, 3/4lb. Blue Dot powder. Bullets: 100 Sierra 9mm 115gr JHP, 200 Sierra 9mm 90gr JHP, 250 Hornady 9mm 115gr RN. 900 CCI small pistol primers. 1000 new unfired 9mm brass. Misc. used brass. Manuals from Speer, Sierra and Hornady. Like new condition. $900 retail value.

Price: $595

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