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Brodeur 80

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Brodeur 80
Brodeur 80 Brodeur 80 Brodeur 80 Brodeur 80 Brodeur 80 Brodeur 80
Brodeur 80" (Horse) Exercise Bike w/Quickhitch. Perfect for breaking, lessons or training. Bullet Proof - All Steel
Brodeur 80" (Horse) Exercise Bike w/Quickhitch Well used but still strong. Was my everyday jog cart. Tires still hold air, but I'd replace them & Seat. Some scratches due to everyday use and shipping. 80" w/Quick - hitch. Used for training Standardbreds. As to the seat? It has what I call a horseman's seat, meaning its torn, but now wrapped in duck - tape. Yeah, very usable horseman's option. Replace it or not. Retiring, have a second cart (Jerald Super J) available will make package deal if int

Price: $200

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