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Hurricane Panels for Window Protection

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Hurricane Panels for Window Protection
These are opaque white panels that have similar construction to corrugated cardboard. 102" X 65" about 7/16" thick. Light weight, easy to install.
Much lighter than using plywood. Easy to mount on second story windows. Can be used again and again because the rain won't make it warp like plywood. Can be cut easily with a 5" rotary saw or a jig saw. You can install quickly with deck screws and fender washers. Call between 9am and 9pm. I have 10 panels at $30 each or all 10 for $250. They can be used for many other projects. I've also used them to make a large sign, or closing in my chicken coop to keep them warmer on a cold night.

Price: $30

Call: 352-553-3484 | Email Advertiser

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